Sardinia’s occult doom trio 1782 stream new album ‘From The Graveyard’ in full; out March 26th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Sardinia-based harbingers of occult doom 1782 premiere their spine-chilling sophomore album ‘From The Graveyard’ in its entirety courtesy of Outlaws of The Sun, before its official release this Friday on Heavy Psych Sounds. 

« From the Graveyard is full of dark lyrical imagery when coupled with the band’s equally dark and heavy sound it quickly sends the listener to the darkest corners of our mind, right where we want to be.” Outlaws of the Sun 

It is so narcotically languorous, that, in the right setting, it could be employed to religious effect.” Slow Dragon Music 

« This haunted new eight-track testament is not for timid nor tepid. From The Graveyard is the real doom deal. » Doomed and Stoned 

Italy’s chief purveyors of horror doom 1782 are about to infiltrate your synapses with their creepy and aptly-titled new album ‘From The Graveyard’. Not for the faint-hearted, this lumbering 8-tracker is infused with sulfur and Italian occult folklore, straddling doom and sludge in a delightful no-frills way. Enter the underworld with ‘From The Graveyard’…

⚰️ Stream new album ‘From The Graveyard’ on Outlaws of The Sun ⚰️

New album « From The Graveyard » was recorded straight after their « Doom Sessions Vol.2 » split release with Greek labelmates Acid Mammoth, and stands as the trio’s heaviest and creepiest material to date. 1782 invited their friends Nico Sechi on Hammond organ and Alfredo Carboni on synth, adding to the record’s overall noir vibe. 

New album « From The Graveyard »
Out March 26th on Heavy Psych Sounds

 In 1782, Anna Göldi was condemned, she was tortured and killed, this was the last witchcraft trial in Europe. In 2018, Marco Nieddu and Gabriele Fancellu formed a doom band called 1782 in honor of all the « witches » murdered by bigoted minds of many generations.Soon after, the band entered the studio to record the single « She She Was A Witch », which was released through Electric Valley Records. Within a few days, the single turned out to arouse interest on social networks and among fans of the genre. In February 2019, 1782, they entered the studio to record their self-titled debut album, released through Roma-based label Heavy Psych Sounds Records. After Francesco Pintore joined the band on bass, they recorded three new songs, which were released on the split album with Acid Mammoth « Doom Sessions Vol.2 ». In November 2020, the band recorded their sophomore album « From The Graveyard » with Alfredo Carboni at RKS Studios in Ossi, Sardinia (Italy). It will be released on March 26th 2021 through Heavy Psych Sounds. 

1782 is:
Marco Nieddu – Vocals, Guitar
Gabriele Fancellu – Drums
Francesco Pintore – Bass

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