Plunge into CRYSTAL SPIDERS doom rock fantasy with debut album ‘Molt’ streaming via Cvlt Nation; out September 25th on Ripple Music

Delivering the goods with their infectious brand of doom rock with a heavy punk twist, North Carolina’s up-and-coming bass/drums duo CRYSTAL SPIDERS unleash their fire-driven debut album ‘Molt’ in its entirety, ahead of its official release this September 25th on Ripple Music. 

« Are you ready to head out into the wild and start a new life? (…) It’s the rumbling riffs that sound like they’re rising from the roots of some long-forgotten ancient tree and the wild and ethereal vocals that echo from somewhere in the heavens. (…) Any fans of stripped-down, rock n’ rolling, psychedelic doom are going to be stoked on this record« , enthuse Cvlt Nation editors.

Rock on with Crystal Spiders debut album ‘Molt’ via Cvlt Nation

Crystal Spiders‘ debut album ‘Molt’ set things straight with nine instant proto-doom classics, dripping with enough swagger and fuzz to make the house crumble down. Enhanced by the unrivaled production of Mike Dean (Corrosion Of Conformity), Brenna Leath’s hoarse vocals strike hard on top of the duo’s devastating rhythm section, giving a strong, catchy hard rock depth to the whole record. The band previously released a hectic video for « C-U-N Hell » as well as an eerie visualizer for « Trapped« .  

Out September 25th via Ripple Music
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  “A stomping, psychedelic album which draws as much
from heavy punk as from classic rock.
” — Powerplay Magazine
There are no duff tunes, nothing is out of place, and there are times where so much is going on, it’s hard to believe it’s a duo.” — The Sleeping Shaman
« It’s a safe bet that they will soon take space in the minds of fuzz-addicted legions far and wide. » — Maximum Volume Music

It didn’t take long for North Carolina’s CRYSTAL SPIDERS to draw attention. The early poise of their self-recorded 2019 demo earned the doomy psych band a spot on The Obelisk’s top short releases of 2019, and caught the attention of Ripple Music head honcho Todd Severin, who decided to put out their LP before he even heard the mixes. Only a year after recording their three-song demo and debuting to a hometown crowd in downtown Raleigh, the band helmed by bassist Brenna Leath and drummer Tradd Yancey will release their full-length debut ‘Molt’ via Ripple Music.

This rebuff of genre conventions has been a steady current in past and concurrent projects. Leath’s affection for classic metal and hard-rock is as apparent in her charged rock ‘n’ roll outfit The Hell No as it is in her doomy proto-metal band, Lightning Born, and Yancey lends a heavy swing to the psych-seared doom crew Doomsday Profit. For ‘Molt’, CRYSTAL SPIDERS pulls elements from across genres to create an album that traces the band’s full spectrum. Early songs like “Tigerlily” and “Trapped” find new complements in brand-new cuts like “Chronic Sick” and the title track. With a production assist from Mike Dean — Corrosion of Conformity bassist and Leath’s bandmate in fellow Ripplers Lightning Born — ‘Molt’ finds them at their most powerful.

Following a year of consistent gigging and short runs alongside The Well and Omen Stones, CRYSTAL SPIDERS are looking to up the ante with confirmed appearances at Raleigh Deathfest and the Maryland Doom Fest, as well as ranging further along the East Coast and into the western US. Riding the momentum of their first year of shows and the strength of a potent debut, it’s a safe bet that they will soon take space in the minds of fuzz-addicted legions far and wide. Debut album ‘Moltis coming out on September 25th 2020 through Ripple Music. 

Brenna Leath – Bass/Vocals
Tradd Yancey – Drums/Vocals

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