A word from our clients.

"Having run the label for 10 years now, and having gone through several PR firms, I can honestly say that the press coverage, premieres, and reviews for our releases have never been better. Purple Sage are true professionals, instantly responsive to communications, never afraid to make powerful suggestions, and a true joy to work with as true partners. Their passion for the bands, the labels and the music is evident in everything they do.
Ripple will never change. We've finally found our home.
Todd Severin
Ripple Music
"Heavy Psych Sounds Records has been working with Purple Sage non-stop since 2015, we always got the best PR results and part of our success is to confer to the agency. They've been a great help not only for the releases but also to push all our events and tours, Claire has been always available and ready to give her input to improve our promotion."
Gabriele Fiori
Heavy Psych Sounds
"I've been extremely happy working with Claire and Purple Sage on PR projects, especially the important ones. Their team is organized, communicative, and adaptable to changing priorities and urgent needs. Their follow-ups yield lots of coverage across both higher profile and underground media sites, and their reporting is extremely thorough. And they're extremely self-sufficient so we don't have to chase anyone down looking for updates or reminding them what needs to be done! All in all, nothing but positive experiences, and we'll definitely be continuing to work with Purple Sage on more projects in the future."
Jadd Shickler
Blues Funeral Recordings
"Claire and Purple Sage’s good responsive communication in combination with the knowledge of where to push the music makes for a great media presence in the right places. On top of getting pro reports and quick feedback, Claire is never short on ideas and has an anything-is-possible attitude, which is very inspiring. Purple Sage comes highly recommended and looking forward to the next project!”
Per Wiberg
Kamchatka, former Opeth
"I've worked with Claire and Purple Sage on many releases over the years and I've always felt an extra level of dedication and pride in the work they do. I expect that level of professionalism from myself and my colleagues, so having the trust that the agency that is pushing my artform has the same integrity as I hold is very reassuring."
Tony Reed
Mos Generator, Big Scenic Nowhere
"I started working with Purple Sage in 2016 and never stopped since then. Claire gives all my projects a visibility I would never have without her work. The coverage results always go beyond my expectations, whether we work on an album release or show. It's a pleasure to work with passionate people like her!"
Louis Lambert
DDENT, Chien Noir