Midwest heavy rock pillars DEVIL TO PAY unleash first track off new album ‘Forever, Now or Whenever’, out November 8th on Ripple Music

Indianapolis relentless heavy rock unit DEVIL TO PAY are set to issue their sixth full-length ‘Forever, Now or Whenever’ this November 8th on Ripple Music. Stream a badass first track now via Metal Injection and Rock Hard Germany!

  Few bands embody the essence of heavy rock like DEVIL TO PAY. These four mercenaries and all-round brilliant songwriters have crafted one air-tight record after another, and sixth studio album ‘Forever, Now or Whenever’ can be easily considered their watermark statement.
Steve Janiak’s powerful gritty vocals take the listener to new heights, while dark, doom-tinged atmospheres are masterfully intertwined with a heavy metal stampede of meaty riffs, for an overall end-of-world feeling. It won’t take long until ‘Forever, Now or Whenever’ drags you to the other side and becomes your new dark heavy rock favorite. 

Check out Devil To Pay’s new song ‘Heave Ho  

Just like Yob frontman Mike Scheidt, DEVIL TO PAY guitarist and vocalist Steve Janiak experienced life-after-death visions during a hospitalization and deals with this incredible story in his writing. A mystical approach that enshrouds this new album and makes the band sound deeper and darker than ever.

DEVIL TO PAY « Forever, Now or Whenever »
Out November 8th on Ripple Music
Preorders available here

1. Heave Ho
2. The Devil’s Barking Up Your Tree
3. The Cautionary Tale of Yen Sid
4. Get On Down
5. Tap Dancing On Your Grave
6. Imminent Demise
7. 37 Trillion
8. Light Sentence
9. The Pendulum
10. Anti-Gravity Depravity

DEVIL TO PAY are the indefatigable veterans of the storied Indianapolis stoner-doom scene. Born on a lark in 2002, they peppered the United States with countless DIY tours, making a name for themselves as underground favorites. The band cut their teeth at a range of festivals, from the legendary Stoner Hands of Doom and Emissions From The Monolith, to more contemporary festivals like Doomed & Stoned. Now they are preparing to release their monumental sixth album, ‘Forever, Never Or Whenever’. The record promises to build on Devil To Pay’s enduring heavy rock legacy of tight songs and big hooks. Expect quality videos and meaty riffs as the band embrace this next phase of their careers. 

Steve Janiak – Vocals & Guitar
Chad Prifogle – Drums
Matt Stokes – Bass
Rob Hough – Guitar

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