Swedish rockers SOLARIUS share new track off « Universal Trial » EP; out September 24 on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Heavy Psych Sounds Records are set to release “Universal Trial”, the 2006 unreleased EP from Swedish 70s rock project SOLARIUS with Jonatan Ramm (Graveyard) on guitar and vocals. Let their smooth and classic rock infiltrate your speakers with new track « Sky Of Mine », premiering exclusively on More Fuzz!

« Sweden. Analog tapes. Graveyard. Just those 3 keywords must tickle your curiosity pretty hard if you’re a fan of good ol’ Retro Rock. » — More Fuzz

? Listen to « Sky Of Mine » exclusively on More Fuzz ?

Recorded at Don Pierre Studios in Gothenburg and produced by the legendary Don Alsterberg (Graveyard, Blues Pills), the master tapes were long forgotten until they recently resurfaced for a first Heavy Psych Sounds press. The recording is 100% analog, and the four songs brim with groove, melody, fuzz, and shimmering psych-prog rock influences. Listen to first single and title-track « Universal Trial« .

The unreleased 2006 EP ‘Universal Trial’ will be issued on limited and classic vinyl, CD and digital on September 24th, and available to preorder now on Heavy Psych Sounds.

SOLARIUS ‘Universal Trial’ EP
Out September 24th on Heavy Psych Sounds

1. Universal Trial
2. Sky Of Mine
3.Into The Sun
4. Mother Nature Mind

Jonatan Ramm – Guitar and vocals
Mattias Ohde – Bass and vocals
Fredrik Aghem – Drums
Johan Grettve – Keys