Industrial post-metal unit NNRA unveil awe-inspiring new song off upcoming album 'INCARNE' via Everything Is Noise!

Paris-based instrumental project NNRA breathe life into post-metal with their upcoming new album « INCARNE » and unveil an awe-inspiring new song courtesy of Everything Is Noise. 

« There’s a masterful symbiosis between the organic and synthetic here that you don’t here very often from music like this – a kind of understanding between man and machine that pushes Incarne into the upper echelon of industrial-based music. » said Everything Is Noise about NNRA’s new album ‘INCARNE’. 

Listen to NNRA’s « 2nd movement » via Everything Is Noise

In the studio, NNRA is the brainchild of Louis Lambert (also DDENT). On stage, he surrounds himself with various musicians and video projections created and performed live by Sébastien Mathieu. NNRA provide an intense, immersive experience that fuses post-metal, black metal and indus. The outfit previously shared the stage with Amenra (watch here), Furia, Au-Dessus and performed at Rock In Bourlon festival (watch here).

New album « INCARNE » illustrates an old Arab tale about incarnation. In the old days, there was no color, gardens were grey and nightingales were silent. Yet one day, a nightingale fell in love of a rose, and loved it so much that he wanted to embody it. He squeezed it so tightly to his chest, that the rose threw a thorn into his heart. His red blood spread and gave color to the roses, and thereafter to the world, while his piercing cries of pain gave nightingales the ability to sing. 

It is a poem about love, the creation of life, when one loves something so much that one wants to embody it physically; in latin, in carne means ‘in the flesh’. No life, no color or music without devouring passion. Sebastien Mathieu (video/artwork) and Louis Lambert (music) were fascinated by this concept and decided to pay tribute to this poem, and more widely work on the concept of incarnation, illustrating it with this album, and the video that will be screened on stage. 

The album is a single piece, divided into movements that follow the rhythm of the poem, and the nightingale’s story. To perform ‘INCARNE’ live, the band will be composed of seven musicians, and the video will be projected on three screens: on stage and among the musicians (who will be this time in the video). The first album will still be played behind a screen of tulle. 

NNRA New album « INCARNE »
Out April 26th on digital via Bandcamp

Vinyl and CD formats available soon



NNRA INCARNE 1st movement : 00 – 2’36
NNRA INCARNE 2nd movement: 2’36 – 9’51
NNRA INCARNE 3rd movement: 9’51 – 17’24
NNRA INCARNE movement 4A : 17’24 – 19’52


NNRA INCARNE movement 4B : 19’52 – 27’28
NNRA INCARNE 5th movement : 27’28 – 33’16
NNRA INCARNE 6th movement: 33’16 – 40’43

« NNRA INCARNE » was entirely written and performed by Louis Lambert, recorded by Chris Fielding at Skyhammer Studio (UK) and mastered by James Plotkin. Additional drums are performed by Marc Le Saux. Artwork was designed by Michael Sallit. 

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