Glasgow 70s psych-prog rockers LUCID SINS share fascinating new video « Sun and the Moon »; new album ‘Cursed!’ coming on Totem Cat Records.

Scottish 70s psych and prog rock goldsmiths LUCID SINS release their gripping and philosophical new video for « Sun and the Moon », the second single from their hotly anticipated new album ‘Cursed!’ on Totem Cat Records. Embrace the full cycle of life, watch « Sun and the Moon » via It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine!

Seven years after their masterful 2015 debut album ’Occultation’,the Glasgow-based duo has morphed into a bigger and more ambitious beast to craft their sophomore album ‘Cursed!’. Inviting various musicians from their entourage to hop on the LUCID SINS train, the group delivers an organic and intrinsically more progressive 8-track, fueled by an intoxicating dose of keys and violins, liquid-fingered and at time jazz-tinged riffage and Andreas Jonsson’s overdubbed vocals, harking back to the likes of Wishbone Ash, Blue Öyster Cult or even The Doors. This second single « Sun and the Moon » deals with breaking away from the oppressive man-made idea that time is linear to embrace life as it should be

Watch Lucid Sins’ Earth-loving new video « Sun and The Moon« 

LUCID SINS multi-instrumentalist Ruaraidh Sanachan gives more insight about their songwriting process: « We’ve both been active in the Scottish music scene for a long time, and have met some talented heads along the way. We love Steely Dan and really embraced their studio approach on ‘Cursed!’, inviting various shredders in and ruthlessly plundering their talent with vague demands until we got just what we wanted. Stuart Coleman in particular contributed some killer parts on his Hammond on new single « Sun and the Moon ». He really got what we were trying to do and some of his playing had me laughing my ass off with delight. » ‘Cursed!’ will be issued on May 3rd worldwide on vinyl, CD and digital through Totem Cat Records. The band previously unveiled their stomping first single « Joker’s Dance » on Bandcamp

LUCID SINS New album ‘Cursed!’
Out May 3rd on Totem Cat Records

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LUCID SINS is Ruaraidh Sanachan and Andreas Johnsson, the heads who brought an explosive freeform psychedelia to Glasgow’s live scene through their first band Moon Unit. With their Totem Cat Records debut ‘Occultation’ (2015) — not to mention their stellar cover of Medusa’s « Black Wizard » — the Scottish duo drew attention to their darkness-tinged brand of 70s psych and classic rock, making a storming entrance among their proto-metal peers Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Witchcraft or Dead Meadow. ‘Occultation’ draped itself in a stunning Alasdair Gray sleeve, which set the tone for their occult-driven ventures. In 2021, LUCID SINS return to the scene forefront with their sophomore full-length ‘Cursed!’, to be issued on May 3rd through Totem Cat Records. With a surrealistic artwork from Britain’s early 20th century illustrator Alan Odle, ‘Cursed!’ makes for a must-have piece of 70s progressive rock. 

LUCID SINS ‘Cursed!’ Lineup
Andreas Jonsson — Vocals & Guitar
Joe Gallagher — Guitar
Martin « Eggy Beard » McKenna — Violin
Ruaraidh Sanachan — Guitar, Bass, Keys and Percussion
Sondre Berge Endegal — Bass
Stuart Coleman — Keys
Additional recording by Clark Neville

Andreas Jonsson & Ruaraidh Sanachan