US folk rocker MICHAEL RUDOLPH CUMMINGS shares new track « 62 Westbound »; new album out October 21st on Ripple Music.

US folk and alternative country artist MICHAEL RUDOLPH CUMMINGS presents a second excerpt taken from his new solo album « You Know How I Get », to be released this fall as the third chapter of Ripple Music’s « Blood And Strings » acoustic series. Watch and listen to « 62 Westbound » now!

Taken straight from Michael Rudolph Cummings‘ new solo album and Ripple Music debut « You Know How I Get », the new single « 62 Westbound » comes alongside an intimate live video directed by Courtney Gauger. Says The Obelisk about the album: « Michael Rudolph Cummings pulls together classic pop singer-songwriterism, contemporary ‘new-dude’ outlaw country folk and ’90s-era emotive grunge heroics, Neil Young via Pearl Jam via Neil Young, with Nirvana, Unplugged in New York, to spare.« 

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Michael Rudolph Cummings is mostly known for being the vocalist/guitarist for East Coast stoner grunge band Backwoods Payback. His solo material is equally dark but subdued in volume and temperance, recalling the ditch-trilogy era of Neil Young and the slower moments of Townes Van Zandt, while also leaning towards contemporary solo acts such as The White Buffalo.

His new album and Ripple Music debut “You Know How I Get” will see release in October 2022, as part of their revered acoustic series « Blood and Strings » (which previously presented stellar solo releases from The Obsessed’s Scott « Wino » Weinrich and Mos Generator’s Tony Reed). To support its release, mRc will embark on a US tour with his solo band, the roster of which reads like a who’s who of east coast underground mainstays, literally some of the best players out there including Mel Parsonz of Royal Thunder, Patrick Shannon of All Else Failed and Mike Bardzik of The Boils. 
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Michael Rudolph Cummings « You Know How I Get:
Blood And Strings – The Ripple Acoustic Series Chapter 3″
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Michael Rudolph Cummings is a lifer. Touring the world as the vocalist/guitarist for the band Backwoods Payback, the drummer of the band Boozewa and the synth player/vocalist of the band All Else Failed, Cummings has been there and done that. All of it. Literally. No matter the band when playing live he has always been known for his intensity and ability to connect to every person in the room. Regardless if it is a festival overseas or a coffee shop in a small town in the USA, he leaves a little piece of himself everywhere he goes. mRc has previously released one full-length, four EPs and a revered cover of Neil Young’s « Cortez The Killer ». Michael Rudolph Cummings recently signed to Californian powerhouse Ripple Music, for the release of his new solo album « You Know How I Get », to be released on October 21st, as part of the label’s « Blood and Strings » acoustic series.