Ripple Music share « Turned To Stone Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland » split EP starring Spacetrucker and Mr. Bison in its entirety!

Californian label Ripple Music recently announced the release of new split 12″ vinyl series entitled ‘Turned to Stone’, focusing on unique pairings from across the heavy underground. First installment ‘Turned To Stoned Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland’ with MR.BISON and SPACETRUCKER is streaming in full today via The Sleeping Shaman, ahead of its release on January 17th.

Those new vinyl series follow on from the long-sold out, fan-favorite ‘Second Coming of Heavy’. First chapter sees Italian heavy psych merchants MR.BISON and Saint Louis stoner rockers SPACETRUCKER delivering six new tracks in their own distinctive style, for an endless journey filled with low tones, heavy blues hooks and absolute groove.

Stream « Enter Galactic Wasteland » in full via The Sleeping Shaman

For its new split series ‘Turned to Stone’, focusing on unique pairings from across the heavy underground, Ripple Music invited heavy psych behemoths MR.BISON and SPACETRUCKER  to provide the 6 tracks that make up the series’ first chapter, ‘Enter Galactic Wasteland’. The Californian powerhouse label’s new split 12′ series is set to begin with its first installment in early 2020, and features some of each band’s most varied songwriting to date. MR.BISON and SPACETRUCKER have space to unleash low tones, psychedelics, heavy blues hooks and groovy riffage. Definitely a must-hear!

« Turned to Stone Chapter 1: Enter Galactic Wasteland »
Out January 17th on Ripple Music

A1 – Spacetrucker – Nosedive
A2 – Spacetrucker – Distant Earth
A3 – Spacetrucker – King Cheeto
B1 – Mr.Bison – The Grace Of Time
B2 – Mr.Bison – The Stranger
B3 – Mr.Bison – Oracle Prophecy

Within just a few years, MR.BISON established themselves with initial releases « We’ll Be Brief » and the critically-acclaimed « Asteroid » as one of the most exciting combos in the heavy psych scene. They leveraged these successes into US and European tours and dozens of gigs across the Italian peninsula, opening slots for Danko Jones, Red Fang, Mondo Generator, Karma To Burn, Nebula, John Garcia and many more. MR.BISON’s two guitars together create a massive wall of sound through which listeners will likely never notice the absence of the bass guitar. Releasing their latest album Holy Oak in May 2018, MR.BISON continue to play far and wide throughout the world in clubs and festivals.
create a no-bullshit sound that mixes an affinity for classic rock riff kings like Black Sabbath and Deep Purple and a love of stoner rock icons like Kyuss, Sleep, and Fu Manchu, plus a healthy dose of riffy grunge such as the Melvins and TAD. Their debut EP « Launch Sequence » was recorded in 2016 at Encapsulated Studios in their hometown of Saint-Louis, Missouri. SPACETRUCKER’s second album, the 50-minute juggernaut « Smooth Orbit », came out in 2018, and offered thundering drums, abrasive fuzzy guitars, driving ballsy bass, and leaned more heavily on melodic vocals. With full stacks and a hard-hitting drummer, their live shows are an energetic and ear-bleeding soiree by seasoned gigging musicians.

Matteo Barsacchi – Guitar, vocal
Matteo Sciocchetto – Guitar, vocal
Matteo D’Ignazi – Drum, sound effect, vocal
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Mike Owen
Bryan « Del Toro » Weitekemper
Rob Meat-Wagoner
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