Melbourne stoner rockers PLANET OF THE 8s share new video « Raised By Night » off split album with Duneeater on Ripple Music!

Australian stoner rock pillars Planet of the 8s share their hook-filled and magnetic new video for « Raised By Night » today! The song is the second excerpt from their ‘Turned to Stone Chapter 5’ split record with Duneeater, to be issued this August 5th on Ripple Music.

Ripple Music‘s trademark ‘Turned To Stone’ split series continue, pairing two pillars of the Australian heavy and stoner rock scene: Duneeater and Planet of the 8s. Unlike many split records, ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 5′ is really both bands working hand in hand to produce a circular flow experience with no distinct beginning or end between both sides — which is completed by a stunning day/night double artwork depicting Western Australia’s famous Wave Rock landscape. Whether it’s Duneeater blasting their straightforward and fuel-charged desert rock à la Slo Burn and Kyuss, or Planet of the 8s’ dark and magnetic « QOTSA meets Alice In Chains » approach, fans of sun-baked riffing will find plenty to feast their ears with this remarkable collaborative album! 

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The album will be released on Limited Magma Edition (blue inside bronze color-in-color vinyl), Limited Bedrock Edition (solid bronze vinyl) and digital through Ripple Music. Watch DUNEEATER’s insane cartoon video for « Pleather Sex« .

About ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 5’, Dunneater say: « When the POT8 fellas pitched their circular flow idea it just made sense… well in truth, it took a bit of explaining but us slower DE fellas caught on eventually! The idea was to try and achieve a smooth transition, circular flow, no start or finish, listening experience where it’s up to the listener to choose their own side A or B, from there the music transitions from one side to the other without too big of a vibe change. Hopefully, the listener digs our attempt at the idea and that they catch the vibe we went for.« 

Planet of the 8s add: « Working with Duneeater for this split was a natural extension of the collaboration with Duneeater’s frontman, Diesel Doleman, included on P0T8s’ Lagrange Point Vol I EP. The bands also co-headlined a launch show in Melbourne for their respective previous full-length releases. And the connection runs deeper, with Diesel having auditioned for Planet of the 8s back in 2015 when the band was still finding its feet; these guys go a fair way back and the camaraderie is evident in the way this split has been pulled together.« 

Duneeater / Planet of the 8s ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 5’
Out August 5th on Ripple Music

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Duneeater (pronounced Dune Eater) are a five-piece band fuelled by a heavy desert vibe and made from genuine Aussie car parts. Their love for V8s, driving riffs and groove is evident in their music. While some might be tempted to roll them up in the stoner genre, it doesn’t take long before you realize their riffs weren’t just made for spliffs… It’s an add fuel, turn key and burn rubber road trip to your nearest outback pub. Duneeater’s music was once described as if Kyuss and Fu Manchu jammed out a child That being said, these blokes have managed to find their own sonic space on the desert highway by successfully adding a flare to the Aussie hoon. “I think subconsciously when we’re writing, we work off a template where we hope the listener will wanna crack a few beers n do a burnout.” If you like your stoner rock laced with speed and where the riff reigns supreme, these five blokes are your new co-pilots. 

Planet of the 8s have evolved over seven years to become one of Australia’s foremost desert stoner rock outfits, delivering a visceral live set punctuated by deep grooves, harmonized melodic vocals and a thick wall of captivating riffs and lead guitar. Their sound has continually evolved and while influences like QOTSA and Kyuss are evident in the older material, Planets’ have brought progressive and doom elements into their more recent/upcoming releases, with a nod to bands like Tool, Lowrider and Elephant Tree. FacebookBandcampInstagramSpotify