Progressive doom unit FORMING THE VOID stream awe-inspiring new LP ‘Reverie’ in full on Metal Injection; out May 8th on Ripple Music.

US progressive doom unit FORMING THE VOID unveil their transcending new album ‘Reverie’ in full via Metal Injection, ahead of its official landing this May 8th on Ripple Music. Get ready to embark for an awe-inspiring metal trip now! 

“Forming The Void hardly fail to rise majestically to the top.” – Prog Magazine
“A stunning cosmic ride.” – Everything Is Noise
“One of the year’s best albums, no question, and a rare moment of creative realization captured and preserved.” – The Obelisk

« You know that feeling you get when you hear an album and it just has it? You’re hooked from the first notes and nothing can break your attention all the way through. Time seems to freeze and, for a few moments, it’s just you and the music. Well, the latest masterpiece from Lousiana’s Forming the Void has it. The doomy, stoner prog outfit is about the unleash their fourth full-length record Reverie into a virus-infested world, and it provides much-needed aural respite in its syrupy-thick riffs, trudging grooves and haunting melodies. » says Metal Injection.

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You could tell by the flamboyant intricacy of their artwork, that Louisiana’s progressive metal psychonauts FORMING THE VOID summon sonic fantasies from another dimension — ones that tear you away from your human condition to take you higher. With their luscious blend of mountain-like riffs, swirling Eastern melodies and majestic vocals, their fourth album ‘Reverie’ is their own divine way of upgrading modern heavy music. 

Out May 8th on Ripple Music

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You’re a celestial traveler powering through the blinding tunnel of light into the next world, and interdimensional shamanic sludge rockers FORMING THE VOID are with you to provide an ecstatic trip of atmospheric wonder and psychedelia as you cross the barriers of space and time.FORMING THE VOID invoke the progressive and heavy tendencies of Mastodon and Torche, the psychedelic and soaring melodies of Pink Floyd, and the rolling confidence of Soundgarden. With swamp mud stuck to their feet as they trudge forth from South Central Louisiana, they aren’t afraid to slow things to a crawl, a welcome approach as shown by their third effort ‘Rift’ topping the Doom Charts at its arrival. 

With their upcoming fourth full-length ‘Reverie’ (due out May 8th on Ripple Music), FORMING THE VOID seeks to further explore aspects of the sound they’ve shaped on their previous outings, guided by a desire to strike a balance between organic and intentional. The result is an album that reaches new levels of refined depth, mystical energy and cosmic transcendence.

No strangers to the road, FORMING THE VOID have crossed the US alongside Truckfighters, Church of Misery, Kings Destroy, Gozu and Howling Giant. This summer sees them voyage to Europe to hit the road with Spaceslug. Their otherworldly sound has earned them spots on large festivals such as Psycho Las Vegas, Denver’s Electric Funeral Fest, Stoner Daze and Stoner Jam at SXSW, Maryland Doom Fest, and Descendants of Crom. Theyare now ready to release their new album ‘Reverie’ on May 8th via Ripple Music.

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