Houston riff rockers WARLUNG head to the desert with blazing hot new video; ‘Optical Delusions’ out October 9th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Houston riff rockers WARLUNG unveil their new video « The Scorpion In The Sand », the blazing hot single taken from their third full-length « Optical Delusions », out on October 9th on Heavy Psych Sounds. Travel to this place between the heavens and the underworld now!

If this is heavy metal, it’s heavy metal that recalls when heavy metal was fun.”

The Obelisk

« The Scorpion In The Sand » is the second single taken from the WARLUNG upcoming new album Optical Delusions. Their upcoming full-length ‘Optical Delusions’ is more fantastical than it initially seems. Gratuitously saturated guitar kicks off the track « The Scorpion in the Sand, » invigorating riff-rock in its most classic form, but prolonged exposure reveals a psychedelic core that jams even as it warps your mind. 

Watch Warlung’s new video « The Scorpion In The Sand« 

Formed by longtime friends and brothers in 2016 and inspired by a vintage sound, WARLUNG create heavy, catchy songs with a psychedelic twist. Following the band’s sophomore, 2019 album « Immortal Portal », the band will release their third full-length album titled « Optical Delusions » via Heavy Psych Sounds in October 2020. The band previously unveiled a song called « Phantasmagoria ». 

Heavy Psych Sounds are also set to reissue WARLUNG’s first two albums « Immortal Portal » (preorder) and « Sleepwalker » (preorder) on October 18th, 2020 on vinyl and CD.

 WARLUNG New album « Optical Delusions » 
Out on October 9th via Heavy Psych Sounds – PREORDER

WARLUNG took the heavy rock underground by storm in 2017 with the release of their debut album « Sleepwalker ». Playing festivals such as End Hip End It Fest and opening for acts like Wo Fat and Dead Meadow, they quickly gained a cult following and high praise by both fans and critics alike. Less than a year later, they entered the studio to record their second album, which was released in February 2019. Immortal Portal hit #14 of the Doom Charts and was included to Weedian’s first artist compilation. 

WARLUNG continued to host various breweries and festivals alike SXSW, and quickly became a fan favorite within the local rock community and abroad. Their audience grew as they opened for bands such as High Reeper, Forming the Void or King Buffalo. Their upcoming, hotly anticipated album « Optical Delusions » is slated for a release in October 2020, with a pre-sale to start on July 2nd with Heavy Psych Sounds. 

George Baba – Guitar/Vocals
Philip Bennett – Guitar/Vocals
Chris Tamez – Bass
Ethan Tamez – Drums