Stoner rock pillars BLACK RAINBOWS premiere butt-kicking eighth album ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ in full; out May 22nd on Heavy Psych Sounds!

Roma’s legendary stoner rock trio BLACK RAINBOWS share their eight studio album ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ in its entirety exclusively via New Noise Magazine, before its release this May 22nd on Heavy Psych Sounds.

A gnarly burst of doomy stoner nihilism.” Metalsucks
The dragonauts’ eighth album is characteristically spacey, hard-driving and tripped out.Revolver 
Another masterclass on stoner rock from Black Rainbows. » Distorted Sound Magazine

« Cosmic Ritual Supertrip… is our best album so far and it features the best production we’ve ever had. You will be finally able to enjoy the real sound of the band: a big punch in the face that will make your nose and teeth bleed! » says frontman Gabriele Fiori.

Stream Black Rainbows new album in full

If you thought their 2018 LP ‘Pandemonium’ was the heaviest they could get, this eight full-length is about to turn your heads upside down for good. No matter how psychedelic the title reads: ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’ is nothing but straight-up, action-packed heavy rock’n’roll dripping with groove and BLACK RAINBOWS’ unrivaled expertise for bangers. One thing is for sure: the Italian have never sounded cooler. The artwork was designed by Robin Gnista. 

 New album ‘Cosmic Ritual Supertrip’
Out May 22nd (digital) and June 5th (physical)
on Heavy Psych Sounds – PREORDER

BLACK RAINBOWS are now established among the best Heavy Psych Stoner Space band coming from Europe, spreading the word of Fuzz since 2007! Their sound has oozed between classic ‘90s-style stoner fuzz and deep-cosmos psychedelia, drawing on the best of hard-driving space rock to conjure a vibe totally tripped-out. Two years after their last outing, Black Rainbows enter 2020 refreshed and with well-earned veteran status resulting from countless tours, festival appearances, and their track record of absolutely unstoppable energy.

The band is ready to release this spring their 8th album: “Cosmic Ritual Supertrip”. The new album been recorded at Forward Studios in Rome on an incredible Neve console recorded and mixed by Fabio Sforza (same engineer as “ Pandaemonium”). This new beast has a monolithic force: guitars, drums, bass are all glued together and give the listener a punch on his face! This album has a magic power mixing together the 70’s attitude with the doom-occult sound and the stoner rock in a masterful way. 

Gabriele Fiori — Guitars & Vocals
Filippo Ragazzoni — Drums
Edoardo Mancini — Bass

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