Avant-garde rockers ORGÖNE to release double album ‘MOS/FET’ on Heavy Psych Sounds; stream first single now!

French avant-garde rockers ORGÖNE announce the release of their debut double album ‘MOS/FET’ this May 29th on Heavy Psych Sounds, and unveil mind-boggling first single « Mothership Egypt » right now

Debut double album ‘MOS/FET’ is eighty minutes of pure craziness: many different genres are flowing, with the genius and genuineness of this band popping up quickly after the first notes and riffs. While the band’s background is made of prog rock and space rock, avant-garde and heavy psych, everything blends seamlessly with the unique vocals of lead singer Olga. The French band deliver four massive suites of 20 minutes each, comprised of different movements: this non-conventional approach really impressed Heavy Psych Sounds Records and led them to sign the band on their roster. 

‘MOS.FET’ was recorded at Blue Anvil Sound by Justin Nicquevert, mixed by Tom Penaguin and mastered by Nicolas Moreau & Pierre Le Gac at Le Garage Hermétique.

Stream « Mothership Egypt » right here

« We are truly delighted to sign with Heavy Psych Records. Many artists of this label are important to us, some of them are milestones on our artistic paths. Most of all, Heavy Psych Sounds are true honest people, dedicated to the kind of music that we like. We were really astonished when Gabriele Fiori and the people of Heavy Psych agreed to release our first album in its complete format, a gatefold double LP. It was beyond our hopes. » state ORGÖNE. « Debut single « Mothership Egypt » is the second movement of our « Anubis Rising » suite. This track is a tribute to pan-africanism, that spirit of free jazz and free rock from the end of the 60’s, and this ‘inner landscape’ is described as a dream about Ancient Egypt, opening an imaginary door to our special orgönic world.« 

‘MOS/FET’ will be released in:
– 10 Test Press double gatefold vinyl
– 250 ULTRA LTD White/Green double gatefold vinyl
– 450 LTD Transparent Splatter Purple Sdouble gatefold vinyl
– Black double gatefold vinyl 
– CD and digital

Out May 29th on Heavy Psych Sounds – Preorder

1/ Erstes Ritual

2/ Soviet Suit
a/ Requiem For A Dead Cosmonaut
b/ Soviet Hot Dog (Le Tombeau de Laïka)
c/ East Song

3/ Anubis Rising
a/ Ägyptology
b/ Mothership Egypt
c/ Rhyme Of The Ancient Astronaut

4/ Astral Fancy

2015 saw the meeting of Nick Le Cave (bass) and Marlen Stahl (guitar), veterans of numerous Indie-Rock, Free Rock and Rock In Opposition/Avant-Garde french bands. Together with Mat La Rossa on drums, they decided to create a « back to basics » rock band, in their hometown of Rennes (Brittany). This led to the birth of ORGÖNE in 2016, with the arrival of the wild French-Polish Olga Rostropovitch on lead voice.

ORGÖNE began to experiment and to explore many territories, mixing stoogian rock, noise-rock, krautrock « motorik » tracks, long impros… Those experiments led to a specific sound tainted more and more with psychedelic textures, space rock and noise elements, with progish hints.

Then in 2018, the departure of Mat La Rossa, who disagreed with the idea of long, epic tracks led to a radical but natural change : with the arrival of Allan Barbarian on drums and Tom Angelo on keyboards (both are also playing with the stoner band Djiin, who shared the stage with Orgöne), the band went almost back to zero and was then able to focus on long « Suites », with movements, in a prog-rock way, allowing the band to mix elements of tribal, arabic sounds, motorik rythms, organic space rock wall of sound and much more, in a very specific way. « MOS/FET », their first double album, reflects all those experiments, in 80 epic minutes.

Allan Barbarian: drums & percussions, backing vocals
Nick Le Cave: bass, backing vocals
Tom Angelo: electric organ, synths, pianet, mandolin, clarinet, recorder
Marlen Stahl: guitar, cello, violin, backing vocals
Olga Rostropovitch: lead voice

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