Desert rock titans YAWNING MAN share new album "Macedonian Lines" in full ; out June 14th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Instrumental desert rock godfathers YAWNING MAN premiere their mind-blowing new album ‘Macedonian Lines’ in its entirety before its official release this June 14th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Says The Obelisk about the new album: « Here, they offer gracefully expansive arrangements of guitar, bass and drums, setting their sights on open spaces and conveying not just the soul of the desert or some idea of what they’re expected to be, but of how they’ve grown and are still progressing as players. (…) As they ascend to their rightful place in the forefront of desert rock consciousness, their ongoing progression seems bound to inspire yet another generation of players.« 

Listen to ‘Macedonian Lines’ in full at this location

YAWNING MAN continue to establish their exceptionally unique approach to rock music on the bands latest album « Macedonian Lines ». The follow up to the critically acclaimed « The Revolt Against Tired Noises » shows a further maturing of melody, dynamics and emotion in the bands songwriting. If their roots lay at the foundation of the desert rock and stoner rock sub-genres, the music they create is truly organic and visceral, conjuring a flowing imagery and a emotional response. On this release, the band has a darker and massively heavier sound than past recordings as most of these tracks were developed in live performance and then fully realized in the studio. YAWNING MAN returned to Gatos Trail Studio in the Joshua Tree desert to record the album. ‘Macedonian Lines’ will be available June 14th in the following formats:
– 30 Test Press vinyl
– 250 LTD Orange vinyl
– 650 Yellow splatter/Purple/Red vinyl
– Black vinyl
– CD and digital

YAWNING MAN New album « Macedonian Lines »
Out June 14th on Heavy Psych Sounds – PREORDER

1. Virtual Funeral
2. Macedonian Lines
3. Melancholy Sadie
4. Bowie’s Last Breath
5. I’m Not A Real Indian (But I Play One On TV)
6. I Make Weird Choices

Formed in the late 1980’s, the lineup of Gary Arce, Mario Lalli, and Bill Stinson rounds out their year-long active recording and touring schedule. Arce and Lalli’s background together date back to the start of the bandwith Stinson’s background steeped in the SST Records world through performing and recording with Gregg Ginn and Chuck Dukowski of Black Flag for several years. The trio is acknowledged and recognized throughout the underground heavy music community as a key piece in the developments of the desert/stoner rock sub-genres. While their contemporaries gravitated toward the heavy riffs of grunge, and post punk, YAWNING MAN leaned in another direction with their unique and organic, cinematic compositions and psychedelic improvisations… the perfect soundtrack to encompass the spacious moonscape atmosphere of the well documented « generator parties » of their area in the late 1980’s.

It was at these gatherings where they developed this distinctive style and sound by enchanting spectators with their seemingly endless free form instrumental sessions, which echoed through the beautiful deserts, mesas, and landscapes of the Coachella Valley. As time passed, their legend grew with notable names of the Palm Desert music scene paying homage to the group through mention and praise, notably with legendary desert band Kyuss (Joshua Homme, Brant Bjork, John Garcia, Scott Reeder) doing their own rendition of the YAWNING MAN track « Catamaran » on the 1995 Elektra release …And The Circus Leaves Town

Gary Arce – Guitar 
Mario Lalli – Bass
Bill Stinson – Drums

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