NIGHTSTALKER ink deal with Heavy Psych Sounds and reveal details for new album 'Great Hallucinations' due out October 4th!

As a pioneering act in the Greek stoner rock scene with their debut EP ‘SideFX’,released back in 1994, NIGHTSTALKER have just inked a worldwide deal with Heavy Psych Sounds Records for the release of their eighth studio album ‘Great Hallucinations’ on October 4th.
This album will directly hit your soul. Eight blistering tracks showcase NIGHTSTALKER‘s colorful sound imprint, combining punchy bass lines, heavy and spacey riffs, all together with Argy’s powerful and melodic vocal. Raw rock ‘n roll, stunning licks and electric haze are the fundamental elements that have kept the band going for more than 20 years. Produced by NIGHTSTALKER, recorded and mixed at Wreck it Sound Studios, today the band is presenting us the upcoming album artwork, tracklist as well as all pre-order details!

‘Great Hallucinations’ will be released on October 4th and available in the following formats:
– 40 ultra LTD test press
– 250 Clear Purple Background splatter in Black/Red/Blue vinyl
– 650 Clear Water Green vinyl
– Black vinyl
– CD and digital 

NIGHTSTALKER ‘Great Hallucinations’
Out October 4th on Heavy Psych Sounds

1. Black Cloud
2. Sweet Knife
3. Sad Side Of The City
4. Seven out of Ten
5. Cursed
6. Half Crazy
7. Hole In The Mirror
8. Great Hallucinations 

Formed in Greece in 1989, by singer (and at the time drummer) Argy and made truly stable with the addition of bassist Andreas in 1992, NIGHTSTALKER managed to meld their heavy rock influences with funky rhythms and grungy melodies to create a whole new beast. With all these elements in place, they released the first EP in 1994 entitled ‘SideFx.’ With their first full length ‘USE’ in 1996, the band established themselves and their own brand of dark heavy sounds. 2000 saw a slight shuffle in membership as well as a new EP ‘The Ritual’, which saw the band treading further into the realms of deepest, darkest psychedelia. 2004’s ‘Just A Burn’ and 2009’s ‘Superfreak’ garnered the band a new and loyal following across the world.

Which set the stage for their dark masterpiece, « Dead Rock Commandos. » Another distinctive album that proved they still belong as one of the key outfits in the history of European Hard Rock. Listening to NIGHTSTALKER, you can figure out why Greece is the perfect country for stoner rock and why its scene is one of the most thriving worldwide.       

Andreas Lagios – Bass
Tolis Motsios – Guitars
Dinos Roulos – Drums

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