Mythic stoner rock trio NEBULA premiere new studio album 'Holy Shit' in full via Kerrang ; out June 7th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Mythic stoner rock trio NEBULA premiere new studio album ‘Holy Shit’ in full via Kerrang ; out June 7th on Heavy Psych SoundsCalifornian stoner rockers NEBULA return this June 7th with their long-awaited new studio album ‘Holy Shit’, which is being premiered in its entirety exclusively via Kerrang Magazine!

Twenty-two years after their first release and ten years after their last studio album, Nebula are back. And you’re thinking “Holy shit!” right now, you pretty much nailed it. ‘Holy Shit’ is NEBULA’s first LP since 2009’s ‘Heavy Psych’, and it quickly puts to rest the question that’s loomed since guitarist and vocalist Eddie Glass, bassist Tom Davies and drummer Michael Amster announced the band’s reformation in 2017. Nebula are still Nebula.

Kerrang about the new album: « It’s the perfect sonic depiction of drugs, heat, and satanic daydreams, not to mention it pairs nicely with a joint and a couple of cheap tallboys — everything a good desert rock album should be.« 

Get all amped up, stream Nebula’s new album via Kerrang!

‘Holy Shit’ was recorded by Matt Lynch at All Welcome Records in Los Angeles. Additional recording were made by Tom Davies at Heaven’s Gate, Los Angeles. It was produced by Nebula & Matt Lynch. Artwork was designed by Robin Gnista

New album ‘Holy Shit’ will be available as:
– 50 Test Tress vinyl 
– 250 Ultra LTD Pink Fluo vinyl 
– 250 Ultra LTD White Marbled/Pink Fluo vinyl 
– 650 Transparent Splatter Black and Pink Fluo vinyl 
– Black vinyl 
– Digipak and digital

NEBULA ‘Holy Shit’
Out June 7th on Heavy Psych Sounds – ORDER NOW

1. Man’s Best Friend
2. Messiah
3. It’s All Over
4. Witching Hour
5. Fistful of Pills
6. Tomorrow Never Comes
7. Gates of Eden
8. Let’s Get Lost
9. The Cry of A Tortured World

Since the days of 1998’s ‘Let it Burn’ EP and the now-classic ‘To the Center’ debut album, NEBULA have always been just a little more dangerous. Just a little more unhinged. ‘Holy Shit’ shows this front-to-back for the essential part of their character it is, and yet it’s not trying to be anything they’ve done before, whether it’s those early outings or ‘Heavy Psych’ or ‘Charged’ (2001), ‘Apollo’ (2003) or ‘Atomic Ritual’ (2005). It’s a sixth Nebula album — something for which even the most ardent of fans could hardly have hoped.

The basic tracks were done in two days, recorded at Mysterious Mammal Studios in L.A. with Matt Lynch (also of Snail) at the helm. Leads and loops and feedback effects were done live by Glass and Davies as they recorded the basic tracks, just the way they’d do it on stage, and overdubs followed after as needed. A glut of material was produced and whittled down to the core of what you hear here. A sixth NEBULAalbum. And when you hear it, you’ll find yourself saying that title all over again

It’s there in the inimitable space-grunge of “It’s all Over,” or the take-a-drag-and-be-gone “Let’s Get Lost,” or the way “Tomorrow Never Comes” manages to be so, so heavy and laid back at the same time. It’s in the paradise-psych of “Gates of Eden” and even the snoring you hear before the devilish “Man’s Best Friend” kicks in to open the album (the studio couch became a crash spot).

Eddie Glass – Guitar & Vocals
Tom Davies – Bass
Mike Amster – Drums

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