Ritual heavy unit SUNNATA unveil details of new album « Outlands » and share title track via Decibel Magazine.

Warsaw’s ritual heavy specialists SUNNATA return with their third full-length « Outlands » this March 23rd. Open your minds and enjoy the title track off this new sonic experience, streaming exclusively via Decibel Magazine.
Hailing from Warsaw, Poland, SUNNATA have kept paving their own way to higher metal skies since their 2014 debut « Climbing The Colossus ». Weaving together sounds of the heaviest kind, dark psychedelia and grunge-infused hooks and vocals, the gifted foursome crafts a trippy and epic brand of metal that can only be accurately described as ‘ritual heavy’. Their spellbinding sophomore album « Zorya » (2016) made the band gather even more momentum with regard to the European alternative heavy scene. This third album  entitled « Outlands » brilliantly brings out even more ‘ritual’ in the ‘heavy’, confidently crossing the frontier of progressive doom to land in even more melancholic and mind-expanding alleys. SUNNATA are back and set to blow minds once again.

STREAM Sunnata’s new song « Outlands » now via Decibel

SUNNATA give an insight into this new song and record: « We have chosen the title track ‘Outlands’, because it lays right at the crossroads of all influences that made our new album’s sound. It’s a trance-inducing, shamanic journey with a story about sacrifice of the self, as a way to reveal a deeper truth behind it. The longer we worked on our third album, the more surprised we were with the outcome. ‘Outlands’ was one of the first songs we wrote, and it definitely is a good representative of the new record. It shows the shift in our sound, that definitely pushed us more towards modern psychedelia merged with strong 90s influences, and a bit of ritualism and doom in the background. We’ve had over a year long journey with this material and we feel that it shows yet another face of Sunnata. We let ourselves loose to go with the flow. No boundaries. This is first taste of what happened. Open your mind and experience it. » 

« Outlands » artwork was designed by Polish artist Maciej Kamuda. Band photo courtesy of Aleksandra Burska. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg at Satanic Audio.

SUNNATA – New album « Outlands »
Available on March 23rd on CD and digital

1. Intro
2. Lucid Dream
3. Scars
4. Outlands
5. The Ascender
6. Gordian Knot
7. Falling (Interlude)
8. Hollow Kingdom

SUNNATA (sanskrit; noun for emptinessvoidness) is a Warsaw-based foursome playing a genre acclaimed by critics as ‘ritual heavy music’. The band’s second LP « Zorya » was released in 2016, and has been noticed by important international media such as Terrorizer Magazine, Cvlt Nation, as well as major Polish journals, including Metal Hammer Poland, Musick Magazine and Noise Magazine. The reason behind the interest growing around SUNNATA comes from their soundcraft and structures, merging grunge, doom and progressive influences and being often compared to Tool, Alice in Chains or Yob. SUNNATA are set to put out their third full-length offering in March 2018, opening even newer paths for the avid listener, providing yet another transcending sonic experience.

Known for putting out mind-expanding live performances, with 50+ shows performed each year across Europe, SUNNATA have taken the stage at various international festivals and also directly supported the likes of Mastodon, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, The Sword and Kylesa. SUNNATA explores the impermanent nature of sound, full of rapid changes and distortion overdose. Open your mind and experience it. Let there be noise.

Szymon Ewertowski – vocals, guitar
Adrian Gadomski – vocals, guitar
Michal Dobrzanski – bass
Robert Ruszczyk – drums, percussion