Oslo fearless cosmic rockers SPECTRAL HAZE unveil details about new album « Turning Electric » on Totem Cat Records

Norway’s warped doom spacelords SPECTRAL HAZE have announced the forthcoming release of their third full-length « Turning Electric » this October 20th on Totem Cat Records, and unveil a first excerpt to make your mouths water… 

Get caught in a riff-driven whirl with « Turning Electric » HERE

Ripping through dimensions with a fierce attitude, leaving a trail of smoke behind them, SPECTRAL HAZE crashed into the earth in 2011 with the intention of resurrecting the punkish drive of Hawkwind with the esoteric doomscapes of Iommi-worship and alchemically balancing it with pure rock’n’roll which, seeing it in the big picture, is timeless.

Their third release « Turning Electric » is a six-track psychedelic rock and roll beast which show their finest, most refined seamless focused effort yet. Each track is heavily laden with powerful riffs and deeply symbolic lyrics which will guide and inspire as you dive head first into a swirling psyche! Drop out and turn electric with this masterpiece from the pentangled astral animals Spectral Haze on Totem Cat Records!

SPECTRAL HAZE New album « Turning Electric »
Out October 20th on Totem Cat Records


1. The Dawn Of The Falcon
2. Turning Electric
3. Cathexis/Mask Of Transformation
4. Ajaghandi
5. They Live
6. Master Sorcerer
(Artwork by Adam Burke)
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