UK stoner blues trio MORASS OF MOLASSES announce new album « End All We Know » on Ripple Music; watch « Naysayer » video!

Reading, UK’s stoner blues craftsmen MORASS OF MOLASSES sign to Ripple Music for the release of their third studio album « End All We Know » and present its first single and video with « Naysayer », streaming exclusively on Doomed & Stoned!

« It’s one thing to play the blues, but it’s quite another when you are the blues, like guitarist Phil “the Mountain” Williams in his solo on “Naysayer. » – Doomed & Stoned

In the post-pandemic world, Morass Of Molasses are set to release their third studio Album « End All We Know », a diverse collection of songs that continues their trajectory into new and unexplored musical territory. Born equally from the fertile ashes of frustration as the illuminating light of Hope, “End All We Know” reflects a band fully immersed in their own transition into something new. Experimentation, which has always been their lifeblood, has now become the most defining factor.

Watch their new « Naysayer » video at this location

About the album, they say: “The album is the first album we have written without first touring the material, and as a result, all the songs were written ‘remotely’ by sending ideas to each other. This led to a far greater degree of experimentation, and bravery in our songwriting scope. These then coalesced into a dynamic sweeping sonic vista, broader than anything tried before, » the band explains.

New album « End All We Know » is a swampy, heartfelt and prog-tinged 8-track for fans of Orange Goblin, Green Lung and Mos Generator. It will be issued in various colored vinyl formats, black vinyl, CD and digital on March 24th, with preorder available now from Ripple Music.

New album « End All We Know »
Available on March 24th via Ripple Music

US preorder – European preorder – Bandcamp

1. The Origin of North
2. Hellfayre
3. Sinkhole
4. Naysayer
5. Slingshot Around the Sun
6. Terra Nova
7. Prima Materia
8. Wings of Reverie

Swamp master generals of the Reading scene, Morass Of Molasses create a rich blend of lumbering heavy blues riffs and emotive vocals. They have effortlessly established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, and have shared stages with such luminaries of the scene as Crowbar, Orange Goblin, Ohhms, Elephant Tree, Desert Storm & Green Lung. 

Their first gutsy performance at Bloodstock Festival in 2015 helped propel them into a relentless schedule of touring, during which they self-released the EP ‘So Flows Our Fate’. The EP garnered a tidal wave of critical acclaim and caught the attention of Hevisike Records for the release of their debut album ‘These Paths We Tread’ in 2017, closely followed by momentous performances on Sophie Stage at Bloodstock Festival, and HRH Doom vs Stoner. In 2019 Morass Of Molasses unleashed the much anticipated second album ‘The Ties That Bind’, produced by Ian Sadler (OHHMS, Faymne) and released via Wasted State Records. They have also recently been confirmed to play DesertFest London in 2023

Bones Huse – Vocals & Baritone Guitar 
Phil Williams – Lead Guitar
Raj Puni – Drums & Vocals