OREYEON and LORD ELEPHANT to issue « Doom Sessions Vol.8 » split on Heavy Psych Sounds; first track and preorder available!

Heavy Psych Sounds announce the release of the « Doom Sessions Vol.8 » split EP this May 5th, presenting a mind-blowing collaboration between Italy’s premium stoner and psychedelic rock purveyors OREYEON and LORD ELEPHANT. Stream a trippy first track with Lord Elephant’s own « Rumble » now!

About the song, LORD ELEPHANT says: « When we had to decide a cover song to pay homage to the Lord Elephant ancestral roots, we knew what to do: to take this Link Wray classic and to jam on it over and over, adding our personal touch on a fucking piece of history of rock’n’roll music! From being the only instrumental tune banned from radio for instigating “criminal behavior”, to being the reason why Jimmy Page decided to play the guitar, until its iconic feature in the cult movie “Pulp Fiction”, “Rumble” has a very deep meaning for us under every aspect, and we tried to make it heavier and nastier than before, covering and expanding a timeless classic with the overwhelming and mesmerizing sound of Lord Elephant.

💀 Listen to Lord Elephant’s « Rumble » on Cvlt Nation 💀

The eighth chapter of the « Doom Sessions » series features the exquisite heaviness and riff-tasty swirls of Florence, Tuscany’s psychedelic doom trio LORD ELEPHANT and Northern Italy stoner rockers OREYEON. For the first time in the series’ history, both bands are presenting a special cover song alongside their unreleased track: while Lord Elephant chose to spice up and tune down Link Wray’s 1962 classic « Rumble », Oreyeon added their trademark 90s grungy touch to Slo Burn’s anthemic « Wheel Fall ». Two more reasons to dive into this great new split record and add it to your growing stoner and psych vinyl collection!

Since their launch in 2020, the « Doom Sessions » split series have been delivering steamroller EPs, packing together earth-shattering collaborations between some of the loudest stoner and doom acts of the scene such as Conan, Bongzilla, Acid Mammoth, -(16)-, Dead Witches or Cosmic Reaper.

Oreyeon & Lord Elephant
« Doom Sessions Vol. 8 » split EP

Out May 5th on Heavy Psych Sounds

1. Oreyeon – Wheel Fall (Slo Burn Cover)
2. Oreyeon – C10H12N2O
3. Lord Elephant – Twilight Reflexes
4. Lord Elephant – Rumble (Link Wray Cover)

Formed in 2014 by members of Woodwall, Mexican Mud and Army of Angry Youth, OREYEON made an impression within the heavy rock scene with their debut album ‘Builders of Cosmos’ in 2016. Their inspirations go from Black Sabbath to The Sword: with monolithic guitars, huge bass frequencies, and intricate vocals, Oreyeon knows how to please every classic and stoner rock mind! On their sophomore album and Heavy Psych Sounds debut ‘Ode To Oblivion’ (2019), the band drifted away from the usual stoner rock clichés into a more elaborate and melodic style, filled with complex vocal harmonies, richer melodies and heavier sound. Their third album ‘Equations For The Useless’ was released in the summer of 2022 on Heavy Psych Sounds.
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With an attraction force worthy of a black hole, LORD ELEPHANT‘s insane instrumental jams stand halfway between the space rock bravura of Earthless or Black Bombaim and the fuzz-drenched, smoked-out doom plundering of Belzebong or Wo Fat. Through their sonic journey, the trio sails through the dreamy waves of space and acid rock towards the perilous reef of heavy blues, stoner and sludge metal, finding strength and inspiration in the solid cohesion that binds the three of them. Steady rooted in the metal, rock and blues tradition, their HPS debut album “Cosmic Awakening” tries to find its own creative way to melt heavy music and psychedelia, shadow and light, and finds its own wicked balance between soaring bluesy riffs and a barrage of fat-sounding, woolly mammoth-sized grooves ready to shake your backbones underway.