Australian garage psych rockers JACK HARLON & THE DEAD CROWS unleash frantic Bauhaus cover; new album out soon on Blues Funeral Recordings!

Melbourne-based psychedelic fuzz rockers JACK HARLON & THE DEAD CROWS share a thunderous new track taken from their third album « Hail to the Underground », to be released on February 17th through Blues Funeral Recordings. Watch their hectic cover of Bauhaus’ « Dark Entries » now!

About covering « Dark Entries » cover, frontman Tim Coutts-Smith comments: « Dark Entries was another cult underground anthem that was suggested by our community. Originally released in 1980 by English pioneers of goth, Bauhaus, it was seen as one of the band’s heavier and fast-paced songs at the time. Maybe it’s just that the recording quality is quite dated now, but I felt that the song still needed an even heavier dose of steroids. That opening riff is an absolute belter, but I’ve always pictured the drums being way louder and in-your-face. So I just went ahead and made every instrument as blown out and explosive as possible. Bauhaus actually reformed and toured last year while this album was being recorded, so I believe it’s a perfect time to remind everyone of Bauhaus’ immovable legacy.« 

Watch Jack Harlon & The Crows new video « Dark Entries« 
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As Australia began a series of flash pandemic lockdowns in early 2021, Melbourne psychedelic fuzz rock band Jack Harlon & the Dead Crows’ prolific frontman Tim Coutts-Smith began experimenting with home recording some of his favorite old songs. This rabbit hole deep-dive eventually led him to bring the fans in on the project, with a social media post inviting suggestions of old underground songs they’d like to hear “Harlon-ified ».

The result is ‘Hail to the Underground,’ a collection of renditions by Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows selected for their musical importance and personal meaning, with the general throughline being that none of the original artists are household names. Filtered heavily through the spaced-out psychedelia of Jack Harlon’s inimitable style, this fuzz-drenched, genre-crossing love letter includes songs by under-the-radar icons like Bauhaus, God, Butthole Surfers, Joy Division, The Melvins, and more
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Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows « Hail to the Underground »
Out February 17th on Blues Funeral Recordings

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1. My Pal (God)
2. Copache (Melvins)
3. You Made Me Realise (MBV)
4. Dust Devil (Butthole Surfers)
5. Day Of Lords (Joy Division)
6. Roll & Tumble (Hambone Willie Newbern)
7. Dark Entries (Bauhaus)
8. Eye Shaking King (Amon Duul II) 

Formed in 2016, Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows are a psychedelic fuzz rock band from Melbourne, Australia, who incorporate elements of blues, stoner rock, folk and doom metal into their distinctive sound. Much of their music follows the character of drug-addicted outlaw Jack Harlon, with songs that spin tales of desperation and survival in a fictitious western landscape.

In 2018, the band independently released their debut album ‘Hymns,’ which Outlaws of the Sun called « an exciting record that actually takes genuine creative risks anda psychedelic and spaced out journey packed full of inventive ideas and heavy riffs« . The album was highlighted as one of the best albums of 2018 by Doom Charts and was subsequently re-released by independent tastemaker labels Tuff Cuff Records and Copper Feast.

Their follow-up album ‘The Magnetic Ridge’ was released in 2021 via Psychedelic Salad Records, with Heavy Blog Is Heavy characterizing the massive LP as « enough to tickle your frontal lobe as much as it rattles your eardrums« . Skipping to the renaissance year of 2023, the band is now ready to unleash the power of their third full-length with ‘Hail to the Underground’ on Albuquerque, NM-based independent label Blues Funeral Recordings.

Jack Harlon & The Dead Crows is
Josh McCombe – Drums
Tim Coutts-Smith – Vocals, Guitar
Jordan Richardson – Guitar
Liam Barry – Bass

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