Italian occult doom specialists 1782 share first track off new album « Clamor Luciferi »; out April 14th on Heavy Psych Sounds

Sardinia-based occult doom specialists 1782 announce the release of their third full-length « Clamor Luciferi » on April 14th through Heavy Psych Sounds, alongside the vinyl reissue of their first two albums. Listen to the thunderous first track « Succubus » via Doomed & Stoned!

On this new single, 1782 explore the ancient tale of the Succubus: « Attractive and seductive, she enters your nightmares, takes possession of your body and with ancient echoes drags you towards the deepest darkness. Follow the riff and watch out for evil echoes!« 

💀 Listen to new track « Succubus » on Doomed & Stoned 💀

“Clamor Luciferi” means the scream of Lucifer, a hostile scream but also noise and uproar! 1782 have created the heaviest and most evil songs they ever made. The album opens with an organ piece that conveys anxiety, suffering and melancholy. As always with the Sardinian trio, the themes revolve around the occult and local legends, dragging you into the deepest and most deafening darkness. It album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alfredo Carboni at “RKS Studios” in Ossi, Sardinia (Italy) in November 2022. 

Heavy Psych Sounds just announced the vinyl reissue of 1782’s previous albums « 1782 » and « From the Graveyard », with preorders also available at this location.

New album « Clamor Luciferi »
Out April 14th on Heavy Psych Sounds – PREORDER

1. A Merciful Suffering
2. Succubus
3. Demons
4. Black Rites
5. Tumultus XIII
6. River Of Sins
7. Devil’s Blood
8. Death Ceremony

In 1782, Anna Göldi was condemned, she was tortured and killed, this was the last witchcraft trial in Europe. In 2018, Marco Nieddu and Gabriele Fancellu formed a doom band called 1782 in honor of all the « witches » murdered by bigoted minds of many generations.Soon after, the band entered the studio to record the single « She She Was A Witch », which was released through Electric Valley Records. Within a few days, the single turned out to arouse interest on social networks and among fans of the genre. In February 2019, 1782, they entered the studio to record their self-titled debut album, released through Roma-based label Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

After Francesco Pintore joined the band on bass, they recorded three new songs, which were released on the split album with Acid Mammoth « Doom Sessions Vol.2 ». In 2021, the band released their sophomore album « From The Graveyard » through Heavy Psych Sounds.  After playing at Heavy Psych Sounds Fest Berlin & Dresden and Desertfest Belgium 2021, the band went on an extensive European tour with Acid Mammoth in April 2022, including an appearance at Desertfest London. 

1782 is:
Marco Nieddu – Vocals, Guitar
Gabriele Fancellu – Drums
Francesco Pintore – Bass

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