UK stoner rock stalwarts PSYCHLONA unveil details for new album ‘Venus Skytrip’ on Ripple Music; first single and CD preorder available now!

Bradford, UK’s stoner rock wielders PSYCHLONA are set to embark you on a frantic journey with their new album « Venus Skytrip », to be issued on August 21st via Ripple Music (CD and digital) and Cursed Tongue Records (vinyl). Watch the « Blast Off » video now exclusively over at The Obelisk!

Says PSYCHLONA about the new album: « We knew we didn’t want to lose too much of the rawness and homespun vibe that defined the scratchy fun of the first album, but we also wanted to go one step further with this effort and really focus the sound. So the two-step plan would be number one: make it heavier and two: turn up the spaciness to the nth. »

And this is exactly what the Yorkshire foursome achieved with their sophomore album « Venus Skytrip »: from the anthemic, space-coveting single « Blast Off » to the kicky and cowbell-loving energy of « Star », PSYCHLONA pack a massive punch and convey such a sense of cool all throughout their sophomore album’s eight bangers that it is nearly impossible to resist the call of their chunky, desert-worshipping anthems. Nod along, fuzz fiends: it is time for you to see a new light and get yourself a one-way ticket to the mighty lands of Stoner Rock with ‘Venus Skytrip’.

Hear Psychlona’s new single « Blast Off » right now

New album ‘Venus Skytrip’ will be released this August 21st and available to preorder now on CD and digital through Ripple Music. Vinyl preorder will start on July 31st through Cursed Tongue Records.

PSYCHLONA « Venus Skytrip »
Out August 21st on Ripple Music (CD and digital)

North American preorder (European preorder coming soon)

1. Blast Off
2. 10,000 Volts
3. Blow
4. Star
5. Edge of the Universe
6. Resin
7. Tijuana
8. The Owl

It was in the summer of 2015 when the embryo of PSYCHLONA first started to develop in Yorkshire, Northern England. It’s only three years later that the fully formed eight-legged groove machine released their debut album ‘Mojo Rising’ on Ripple Music and Cursed Tongue Records, then defended the latter on the connaisseur stages of Desertfest London, Fuzztival Denmark and HRH Doom v Stoner Festival, along with a full European tour.

Never a band to sit back and take things easy, writing for what would become the next album began in late 2019. The four disappeared into ‘The Cave’ for the winter, armed with beers, kebabs and a fistful of ideas for new music and didn’t emerge until the job was done in the early months of 2020.
Bleary eyed in the early morning sun and with a desire to unleash the last few months efforts onto the unsuspecting public, 2020 was starting to shape up pretty good. Performances at various events including Freak Valley Festival, plus a UK and two European tours were confirmed, recording started and then… along came the virus which threw a spanner in everyone’s works. The band pushed as hard as possible and finally completed the album by the end of April. Despite life being postponed until 2021, the new record refused to wait and ‘Venus Skytrip’ was set for an August 21st, 2020 release, once again on Ripple Music and Cursed Tongue Records.