Californian punk’n’rollers THE FREEKS stream new album « Shattered », out this week on Heavy Psych Sounds!

L.A.’s number one asphalt-burning rockers THE FREEKS premiere their third album « Shattered » on The Obelisk today. This riff-fuelled steamroller is out November 11th via Heavy Psych Sounds.

Set your soul on fire, stream « Shattered » NOW

With an inextinguishable fire, Californian five-piece THE FREEKS brilliantly fuses high-octane rock’n’roll, the raw energy of punk rock and hints of psychedelic bizarrerie. Just as if The Stooges had met Hawkwind. With former members of Fu Manchu or Nebula in its ranks, the band is anything but a newbie in the US rock scene. After two albums (« The Freeks » in 2008 and the widely acclaimed « Full On » in 2013), THE FREEKS are back with a blazing new effort to be released on Heavy Psych Sounds this November.

THE FREEKS « Shattered »
Out November 11th on Heavy Psych Sounds // Pre-order


Everything has a beginning, whether it is by accident or design. A journey consists of trials and errors until finally reaching a full circle… ever evolving, revolving over and over again. Set in constant motion, the gathering of speed reaching ultimate vibrations until it’s all « Shattered » This can also be said in regards to Los Angeles, CA based quintet THE FREEKS, as they return from yet another complete orbit with their third full-length « Shattered ». What started as an accident brought on a thought, which then began a project that grew into a solidified unit of sonic purification! Led by Ruben Romano, the band has consistently moved upward since their formation in 2007 and have gracefully matured since their first self-titled LP released in 2008 on Cargo Records Germany. While the initial project collaborated with players from around the world, in 2010 Romano gathered together a more local unit of musicians, all baked under the L.A. heat, to achieve a consistent flow of creation. This was followed by their critically acclaimed sophomore LP « Full On » (2013) released on the band’s own label Freek Flag Records.

Now in 2016, THE FREEKS prepare to sling shot and extend the trajectory of their already existing orbital path by joining forces with Heavy Psych Sounds to release this latest revolution, fully ready to shake it until it’s all shattered!


Ruben Romano – Guitar & Lead Vocals
Jonathan Hall – Guitar & Vocals
Tom Davies – Bass & Vocals
Esteban Chavez – Synths, organs, electric pianos
Bob Lee – Drums



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