Italian heavy rock stalwarts ISAAK sign to Heavy Psych Sounds; stream new single « Rotten »!

Genoa’s stoner rock pillars ISAAK announce the release of their third full-length « HEY » on March 31st, 2023 through Heavy Psych Sounds, and share their brand new track « Rotten » exclusively on Metal Injection!

ISAAK returns after seven years with a new album and a worldwide deal with Europe’s premium heavy rock label Heavy Psych Sounds! Considered a real piece of history in the Italian stoner rock music scene, the Genoa rockers now like to define themselves as a « Riffalicious Fast Forward Stoner Rock Band ». They are set to deliver their long-awaited third album « HEY » in the spring of 2023. 

Listen to ISAAK’s fiery new single « Rotten » on Metal Injection

About the new album, ISAAK says: « HEY puts a point, a point that doesn’t look back but looks inside. HEY talks about our most intimate fears and tries to do it with irony. HEY is a riffalicious fast-forward stoner rock album. HEY is a manifesto on being fragile and making that fragility a strength.« 

New album « HEY »
Out March 31st on Heavy Psych Sounds
European preorder // US preorder

1. Miracle B
2. Hey
3. OBG
4. Except
5. Rotten
6. Over The Edge (Wipers Cover)
7. Dormouse
8. Fake It Until You Make It
9. Taste 2.0
10. Sleepwalker
11. Goodbyes Are Always Very Sad

Born in 2011 from the ashes of Italian heavy rock four-piece Gandhi’s Gunn, it didn’t take long for ISAAK to sign a worldwide deal on US label Small Stone Records for the reissue of their ass-kicking debut album “The Longer The Beard The Harder The Sound” in June 2013. Oozing thundering riffs and raw energy, the Genoa foursome has the knack for assembling the heaviest-sounding licks with a rip-roaring attitude that can only make you raise a fist up in the air while rocking out in the pit. In 2016, the band started working with Psych Sounds Records, for the vinyl release of their sophomore album « Sermonize » in collaboration with Small Stone Records. In 2022, the band signs a worldwide deal with Heavy Psych Sounds for the release of their third album in the winter of 2023.

Giacomo Boeddu – Vocals
Francesco Raimondi – Guitars
Gabriele Carta – Bass
Davide Foccis – Drums

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