Instrumental post-metal project DDENT share mesmerizing « puissancerevee » video; new album ‘Couvre-sang’ out July 3rd on Chien Noir.

Instrumental post-metal project DDENT team up with Invisible Oranges to present the third video taken from their massive and mind-elevating new album ‘Couvre-sang’, out on July 3rd via Chien Noir. Get hypnotized by « puissancerevee » now!

Listening to “puissancerevee, » as well as the rest of the album, a sense of wonder imparts itself, helped by the realization that DDENT is the work of just one musician. The towering waves of riffs and drumming Lambert summon here easily make it sound absolutely huge. Fans of bands that succeed at doing a lot with relatively little should especially stay tuned for this one.” describe Invisible Oranges.

Watch new video « puissancerevee » right here

Once again injecting poetry and philosophy into music, DDENT‘s third full-length depicts their own vision of reality in the form of a massive and poetic 11-track awash with dark, elegant atmospheres and intriguing thematics. Entirely written and recorded by Louis Lambert, ‘Couvre-sang’ intelligently pushes the genre’s boundaries by blending in expansive industrial and black metal patterns that are part of the French project’s DNA. Watch DDENT’s previous videos for « voile » and « volemie« .

About the album’s concept, Louis Lambert explains: « ‘Couvre-sang’ is a neologism describing all the concepts that hide the true nature of reality. Put together, song titles are forming an eye, the only organ with an unaltered relationship to reality. A child is the only one whose relationship to reality remains intact, but the language learning process slowly tears him away from it, reducing it to primary functions. The artwork’s eyeless child sums up this idea perfectly. ‘Couvre-sang’ is my most personal work to date, dealing with a topic on which I’ve been working on for a long time. This album is a reflection that anyone can make their own. »

New album “Couvre-sang”
Out July 3rd on CD, cassette and digital
via Chien Noir – PREORDER

 1 ………….I…I………….
 2  …………songe…………
  3 ……….volemie……….
 4 ……..yyyyyyyyy……..
 5 ….puissancerevee….
     6  souvenirsdematieres    
    7 …..ooooooooooooo..…
  8 …….videsdechos…….
9 ……….liedevin……….
10 …………voile…………

DDENT is the instrumental brainchild of guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Louis Lambert and drummer Marc Le Saux. First EP ‘Chien Noir’ sees the day in 2014, which quickly leads to the addition of live musicians to the project. This milestone lays the foundations for a dark post-rock sound that induces an inevitable spiritual and sensory journey.
While 2017 debut LP ‘آكتئاب’ narrated the introspective journey of a poet, their sophomore album ‘TORO’ (2018) deals with the search of truth through creation. The titles all refer to Federico Garcia Lorca’s volume of poetry ‘Llanto’, and concept of duende – a creative force that possesses the artist and against which he is forced to battle to be able to make his art. It is safe to say that literature and philosophy have always been a centerpiece of DDENT’s music.

In 2019, DDENT perform at France’s biggest metal festival Hellfest, tantalizing both the audience and critics with their bewitching performance. As a result, Louis Lambert starts working on followup album ‘Couvre-sang’, writing and recording all eleven songs by himself. Pushing DDENT’s experimental side further, this third album depicts their own vision of reality as a life time-lapse. Inspired by Henri Bergson’s work on language, ‘Couvre-sang’ conveys a poetic and philosophical perception of a musician’s role. As for the previous records, melancholy weaves its way deeply into ‘Couvre-sang’: this time, the language and its learning involve being torn away from reality, leading to the urge to create. Art becomes the answer to recover an immediate and intact relation to reality. ‘Couvre-sang’ is due out on July 3rd via their label Chien Noir.