70s heavy rock trio OBSIDIAN SEA presents « I Love The Woods » video; new album out February 4th on Ripple Music.

Bulgarian blues and doom metal stalwarts OBSIDIAN SEA share a brand new excerpt from their upcoming fourth album ‘Pathos’, coming out February 4th on Ripple Music. Watch the stunning and poetic video for « I Love The Woods » now via Doomed & Stoned!

OBSIDIAN SEA‘s new album ‘Pathos’ is a work in which the trio injected truckloads of heaviness, a feeling of naive exuberance, aggression, dreamlike melancholy and introspection all at once. This is a record by a band that intends to express utmost honesty without any fear or apology, “a therapeutic process of emotional release through the music, but also one of establishing a truer human connection within the band” as described by the trio.

Watch Obsidian Sea’s new video « I Love The Woods« 

“The band’s definitely got its avant garde hat on here. It’s nigh impossible to predict where the album is going the first time you hear it, much less describe how it all breaks down musically, but that’s half the fascination with Obsidian Sea. They’re full of surprises.” – Doomed & Stoned

Vocalist Anton Avramov about the song: »I Love the Woods is based on the romantic notion of « beauty in death ». The woods (and nature as a whole) are in this sense this mythical space that combines beauty as this mystical window to eternity on one hand, but also the very primal destructive urges of material life on the other. Musically, we see it as a « doom ballad » of sorts where heaviness and introspective melancholy come together to tell the story.«  Listen to their two previous singles « Sisters » and « Mythos« .

OBSIDIAN SEA New album ‘Pathos’
Out February 4th on Ripple Music

OBSIDIAN SEA formed in 2009 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Their style is a dark and atmospheric take on proto-rock and heavy with a progressive touch and a strong highlight on melodies. The trio has released three albums: ‘Between Two Deserts’ (2012), ‘Dreams, Illusions, Obsession’ (2015) and their Ripple Music debut ‘Strangers’ (2019). 

About the new album ‘Pathos’, vocalist Anton Avramov explains: “The very word « pathos » has, through time, accumulated a rich and sometimes contradictory meaning ranging from pity to disdain, implying care or confrontation. In any sense, it was a fitting title for an album dealing with themes like mourning the lost sense of wonder, longing for a renewed connection with one’s existence that was once seen through myth, fable, rite, and could perhaps still be reached by hope, humility and sacrifice. What could be seen thus as simply a juvenile escapist fantasy could perhaps be thought of as a rather sober look upon the fragility of the romantic and the insistence that a world bereft of wonder is also deprived of honesty and therefore inspiration.”

Anton Avramov – Guitars And Vocals
Delyan Karaivanov – Bass And Backing Vocals
Bozhidar Parvanov – Drums