Oakland post-metal goldsmiths DAXMA to release new album on Blues Funeral Recordings and Majestic Mountain Records.

Oakland’s most fascinating post-metallers DAXMA announce the release of their sophomore album ‘Unmarked Boxes’ on November 19th, with preorder available from October 8th on Blues Funeral Recordings and Majestic Mountain Records. 

DAXMA‘s new album “Unmarked Boxes » is an intimate work of conscientious introspection inspired by and named after the 13th century Rumi poem, that explores themes of grief and hope through crushingly heavy guitar tones, haunting orchestration and lush melodies.
Says the band: “‘Unmarked Boxes” is named after and directly inspired by the 13th-century Persian poet Rumi’s poem, the opening lines of which, ‘Don’t grieve, anything you lose comes back in another form’ comprise the song titles of the latter half of the album. While our previous releases were thematically connected to various philosophical and anti-capitalist political traditions, “Unmarked Boxes” explores difficult personal topics such as grief, depression, longing, and the process of overcoming. As a band, we have been working on this material for some time, only recently feeling like we’ve undergone the musical and spiritual growth necessary to achieve our vision and put this album out into the world.« 

« Unmarked Boxes » will be released worldwide on digital, CD, and gatefold 2xLP through Blues Funeral Recordings and Majestic Mountain Records. Preorders start on October 8th at 19:00 CET.

New album « Unmarked Boxes »
Out November 19th on Blues Funeral Recordings
and Majestic Mountain Records

In 2016, the Oakland, CA post-metal/doom collaborative DAXMA (pronounced DOCK-ma, the term for a Zoroastrian funerary temple) released their first EP “The Nowhere of Shangri-la”, a work centered around ideas of frustration, longing, and utopianism. The following year, they unveiled their debut album “The Head Which Becomes the Skull”, a towering meditation on the soul’s journey from birth through death inspired by the philosophical works of Hegel, Kierkegaard, and The Heart Sutra.
DAXMA’s second EP “Ruins Upon Ruins” was released through Blues Funeral Recordings in 2019 as part of their Postwax Series, alongside records from Elder, Spotlights, Lowrider, Big Scenic Nowhere, Besvarjelsen and Domkraft. The EP, with two tracks that wove through bleak atmospherics and monolithic power, was called « an emotional, darkly delicate and starkly beautiful post-doom record ».

While navigating the generally hellish landscape of California in 2020, DAXMA entered the studio to record their sophomore full-length ‘ »Unmarked boxes » with Ben Hirschfield at Nu-Tone Recording in San Francisco. An album that will mark the culmination of their collective growth over the span of five years as a band, to be released by Blues Funeral Recordings and Majestic Mountain Records in November 2021. 
DAXMA is: 
Isaac R. – Guitars, Vocals, Bass
Jessica T. – Violin, Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Forrest H. – Guitar, Bass
Thomas I. – Drums

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