Psychedelic doom foursome MOON COVEN share trip-inducing « Further » video; new album out now on Ripple Music.

Up and coming Swedish psychedelic doom band MOON COVEN take you deeper into their dream realm, with their brand new « Further » video. Their third full-length ‘Slumber Wood’ is available right now on Ripple Music. 

Bathed in a sublime pink aura, « Further » unfurls this dark, forlorn number with soaring vocals and deadly downtuned leads, as acid bubbles blossom around dreams of solitary walks through the cold, lonely woods. This new video is a perfect example of the occult energies MOON COVEN are able to deploy to mesmerize their audiences. 

? Watch Moon Coven’s new video « Further » ?

MOON COVEN‘s third album ‘Slumber Wood’ is eight confident and mind-infiltrating steamrollers, a spectacular, tombstone-heavy journey abounding in motions and emotions, that will appeal to fanatics of Acid King, Mars Red Sky or Monolord, while taking its cue from more alt-psych acts à la Black Angels or All Them Witches. With two full-lengths ‘Amanita Kingdom’ (2014) and ‘Moon Coven’ (2016) under their belt, Malmö, this third album (and Ripple Music debut) truly pushes their experimental approach further. 

« ‘Slumber Wood’ continues the band’s tendency for writing mood-altering mind-benders that are grounded in genuine emotion, buttressed by earth-shaking riffage. »Doomed & Stoned 

“A trace-like exploration of sonic heaviness
and emotion-laden doom that won’t be soon forgotten.” 
Metal Injection 

“It’s ridiculous how many great new riffs Moon Coven have packed
into this album.”
The Sleeping Shaman 

MOON COVEN New album ‘Slumber Wood’
Out now on Ripple Music

MOON COVEN is a Swedish stoner rock band whose deep understanding of the classics and their passion for fuzz make for a distinct and potent sound. Having formed out of the desire to get back to their musical roots, the foursome documents their journey both as individuals and as friends. The band’s sound is a fusion of genre staples like Black Sabbath and Acid King with the progressive magic of Pink Floyd and the psychedelic influences of The Black Angels. They are currently gearing up to release their brand new album ‘Slumber Wood’ on Ripple Music in May 2021.

Having opened for bands like Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Monolord, Blues Pills and Jex Thoth – MOON COVEN knows what it means to share the stage with the best of the best. It was this same attitude that they brought on their three European tours as well as to festivals like Krokbacken, Children of the Sun or the legendary Red Smoke Festival in Poland. As work wraps up on their third album, it seems like at long last the early promise of these Swedish riff masters is becoming fulfilled and pointing towards bold new futures.

The band have already looked beyond 2021’s ‘Slumber Wood’ though. They are deep in the process of writing a fourth album. This period of intense creativity belies their goal of continuing to create heavy music together for years to come. As for now though – fans have a veritable storm of fuzzy riffs descending upon their eardrums in just a few months time. ‘Slumber Wood’ will be Moon Coven’s first album in five years and they promise that it will have been worth the wait. The journey back to their roots is nearly complete!