Progressive heavy rockers JAKETHEHAWK premiere new album ‘Hinterlands’ in full; out February 19th on Ripple Music.

Pittsburgh’s heavy, progressive and self-proclaimed « Appalachian Rock » foursome JAKETHEHAWK unleash beauty upon this world with their captivating and doomgazing new album ‘Hinterlands’, premiering in its entirety today via Invisible Oranges ahead of its release this Friday 19th February on Ripple Music. 

« The band’s latest effort Hinterlands both tenderly and heavily delivers that « ethereal » experience that much noisier acts seek and fail to deliver. (…) Soaring along with frontman and guitarist John Huxley’s atmospheric howling and riffage serves to re-solidify the band’s angle on introducing the tenets of psych-rock into the heavier spaces we are all already accustomed to. Hinterlands is all atmosphere, all power, and all emotion at once. » describe Invisible Oranges.

Embrace the beauty of ‘Hinterlands’ via Invisible Oranges

Heirs to the expansive psych-fuzz explorations of progressive stoner acts like King Buffalo, Howling Giant or Bask, JAKETHEHAWK draws heavy influences from the lush, wooded river valley they call home and its rich folk music tradition, embracing the oxymoronic moniker “Appalachian desert rock”. Brazenly blending psychedelia and shoegaze with riff rock, ‘Hinterlands’ won’t left you unmoved. Fresh-sounding, self-reflective and definitely inspiring! Watch the band’s video for « Counting« .

JAKETHEHAWK ‘Hinterlands’
Out February 19th on Ripple Music
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Jakethehawk’s brand of prog-infused desert jams are more akin to a crisp fall afternoon where the changing leaves sway in the wind and float their way down to the earth below.” Metal Injection

Hinterlands is nothing short of exceptional.” The Metal Epidemic

A spellbinding collection of epic songs that drifts from one style of psychedelic stoner rock and metal to another that you wouldn’t expect.” Outlaws of the Sun 

Formed in 2016, JAKETHEHAWK has always sought to synthesize the classic, riff-centric sound of proto-metal’s pioneers with the textures of psychedelic rock and progressive rock. Additionally, heavy influence is drawn from the band’s home turf – both from the the lush, wooded river valley and from the rich tradition of folk music that still blossoms here. Really, it would be disingenuous for a band from this place to call themselves “desert rock”; much as the landscape and the culture shaped the music of the Palm Desert scene in the early 90’s, so too does Jakethehawk embrace the influence from their homeland. The band embrace their self-given, oxymoronic moniker, “Appalachian Desert Rock” because, they feel it sums these things up; but more importantly than that, they like it.2020 sees core members Huxley, Lober and Lober adding guitarist and “sometimes vocalist” Josh Emery to the band as a permanent member to expand their sonic palette in both a live and studio setting.

John Huxley — Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Jordan Lober — Drums
Justin Lober — Bass, Vocals
Josh Emery — Guitar, Vocals


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