San Francisco’s proggy revellers GLITTER WIZARD unleash « Hollow Earth Tour » album in full via Outlaws Of The Sun!

Heavy Psych Sounds’ most off the chain protégés GLITTER WIZARD are releasing their new album « Hollow Earth Tour » this Friday, an explosive throwback to the unstinting hard rock sound of the ’70s, streaming in full now on Outlaws Of The Sun.

Party hard with GLITTER WIZARD’s new album now!!!

Outlaws Of The Sun state: « It’s definitely their craziest release to date but also perhaps their finest album to date. (…) Hollow Earth Tour is where the band make an almighty leap for greatness and pull it off with true conviction. »

As the group enters its ninth year, GLITTER WIZARD are set to release their most ambitious album yet. « Hollow Earth Tour » is a concept album of sorts: chock-full of reptilian overlords, underwater fascists, and inner-earth explorers. The Californian rifflords pillage the best of vintage hard rock while keeping their laser eyes on the future, creating a unique brand of oddball psychedelia. Their onstage performance is a glammed up force to be reckoned with, and they’ve been taking their act on the road from the West Coast all the way to Europe.

GLITTER WIZARD New album « Hollow Earth Tour »
Out October 21st on Heavy Psych Sounds // Pre-order



Wendy Stonehenge – Vocals, flute, piano
Lorfin Terrafor – Guitar, vocals, piano, percussion, bong
Kandi Moon – Bass, vocals, acoustic & electric guitar, piano
Fancy Cymballs – Drums, tecate
Doug Graves – Keys, synth, organ, violin, vocals


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