Instrumental post-metallers THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK unveil epileptic new video off ‘Mere Mortals’, out now on Deadlight Records.

North France’s post-metal goldsmiths THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK share a shamanic new video for « Therapy? », taken from their last album ‘Mere Mortals’ on Deadlight Records. Watch it exclusively now over at Everything Is Noise.

« Today, THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK prove their superior showmanship once again with their cinematic music video for “Therapy?”, the opening track of ‘Mere Mortals’. Closer to a demonic ritual than a conventional music video, this is a unique experience. » says Everything Is Noise.

Get into the 90s lofi vibe of new video ‘Therapy?’ NOW

« French practitioners of the musical arcane, The Lumberjack Feedback are a sight and sound to behold » they add. The Lille-based post-heavy five piece strike hard with this mesmerizing six-minute long video, highlighting the efficiency and accuracy of their musicianship. New album ‘Mere Mortals’ LP is out now on Deadlight Records, satisfying fans of sonic tempests driven by complex and cinematic post-metal atmospheres empowered by two unswerving drummers.

‘Mere Mortals’ out now on Deadlight Records and Bandcamp

Another winning album that will no doubt impress
the post-metal masses to fully take notic
e.” Outlaws Of The Sun

“Mere Mortals is proof that The Lumberjack Feedback certainly have
what it takes to stand out from the crowd.”
Astral Noize

  “Loud and low”, here’s THE LUMBERJACK FEEDBACK motto. Heavy, intense and catchy instrumental post-Metal/doom driven by two drummers; a mesmerizing soundtrack to the apocalypse. Droning bass and primitive twin-percussions roar a low-end thunder, while dark melodies are crafted by two guitarists like silver surfers riding a tsunami, this is what TLF is all about. Hailing from north of France and driven by their endless desire to perform on stage, TLF has played numerous festivals such as Hellfest and Motocultor in France, as well as mythic venues such as The Underworld in London, and uncommon places such as a church or an acoustic show in a basement. 

Nicolas Tarridec – drums
Geoffrey Gosset – guitars
Virgil Chaize – drums
Sébastien Tarridec – bass
Simon Herbaut – guitars