New York stoner rockers GEEZER debut butt-kicking new single via New Noise Magazine; new album ‘Groovy’ out May 29th on HPS Records

Kingston, NY’s stoner rock figurehead GEEZER have teamed up with New Noise Magazine to debut the second single taken from their blues-laden new album ‘Groovy’, out May 29th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.
GEEZER comments: « Groovy is a classic rock’n’roll groove. The song is a response to the craziness of our modern world. When feeling overwhelmed, be groovy. Be groovy to yourself, be groovy to others. Instead of letting things get you down, let the groove build you up. If we want to save ourselves, we gotta groove! Now more than ever.« 

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If you don’t know Kingston, NY’s heavy psych blues masters GEEZER yet, then you sure want to check out their more-than-aptly-titled fourth album ‘Groovy’ right now. With their rock solid riffing and sharp-edged songwriting, this new effort will envelop you in a warm, trippy bubble where the Blues and Fuzz entwine in the most delightful and well-balanced proportions. « Whatever else groovy is, it’s Geezer. » 
Their new album ‘Groovy’ was produced by Pat Harrington, recorded and mixed by Matthew Cullen Darkworld Studio, and mastered by Scott Craggs.

Its release was postponed to May 29th (digital) and June 5th (physical), and can be preordered now in the following formats:
– 250 Yellow/Fuschia vinyl
– 550 Transparent Green vinyl
– Black vinyl
– CD and digital

GEEZER New album ‘Groovy’
Out May 29th (digital) and June 5th (physical)
on Heavy Psych Sounds – PREORDER

Based in Kingston, NY, GEEZER formed in 2012 and have made a bluesy spirit a staple of their approach, and especially with 2014’s ‘Gage’ and their 2016 self-titled leading into ‘Psychoriffadelia’, they expanded this idea to more open, jammier explorations, a take on heavy psychedelia still informed by the swamp that led to their first European tour in 2017, including Freak Valley Festival in Germany. They have shared stages with High on Fire, Acid King, Nebula, Earthless, Ufomammut and many more. After spending the better part of the last three years touring, writing and solidifying their lineup around guitarist/vocalist Pat Harrington, bassist Richie Touseull, drummer Steve Markota, the Kingston-based trio return with what is unquestionably their most realized work to-date, ‘Groovy’. It is their fourth long-player and solidifies their approach to trippy, heavy blues and classic songwriting.

‘Groovy’ brings a jam-ready mentality together with sharp-edged songcraft. The material is united by that central undercurrent – timeless and undeniable. “We spent the better part of a year jamming, developing ideas and fine tuning arrangements,” Harrington informs. “This is the first time since the self-titled record that we took the time to really flesh out song structures, tempos, etc. I always talk about the ‘three pillars’ of the Geezer sound: heavy, trippy and groovy. With this album, some songs are heavy, some are trippy, but they ALL had to be groovy.” Regardless of tempo, mood, or any other theme that might show up in the songs, ‘Groovy’ is a love-letter to groove itself, and in paying that homage, GEEZER have discovered the truest reality of themselves yet. Whatever else groovy is, it’s them.

Pat Harrington – Guitar & Vocals
Richie Touseull – Bass
Steve Markota – Drums & Percussion

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