Hybrid black metal duo Krv unveil compelling new song « Transcendence Through Death »; debut album out April 17th on Chien Noir.

Paris-based black metal project Krv unveil a compelling new track off their genre-shattering debut album ‘Krv’, due out April 17th through their own label Chien Noir. Stream « Transcendence Through Death » exclusively via Distorted Sound Magazine!

« Black metal has since its inception been a global movement. This track is in a way an homage to the arcane sounds of time past. The lyrics deal with ritual suicide. Whatever side of life and death you are in, your gods will see through you. You are less than nothing. You must kill and transcend the ego to be part of nature’s timelessness. » says vocalist Nicolas Zivkovich. 

Stream « Transcendence Through Death » right here

Krv (pronounce kurv, « blood » in Serbian) is a project formed by Nicolas Zivkovich (Fiend, DDENT, Les Tigres du Futur) on vocals, with all instruments except acoustic drums recorded by Louis Lambert (DDENT, NNRA). On ‘Krv’, the implacability of machines collides with blistering black metal; its initial coldness being transmuted by its mutant form, an orchestral and shape-shifting vision that shatters the genre’s codes through seven colossal tracks performed in English, French and Serbian. Krv‘s music hardly fits in one box, for its final purpose is to absorb you into the vacuum of a black hole, disintegrating your certitudes and imprinting your mind with its eternal sonic matter. Debut single « Motherless Abyss » can be streamed at this location.  

The album was recorded by Louis Lambert at Chien Noir Production studio in Paris, mixed and mastered by Nicolas Tarridec. The artwork was designed by Sebastien Sm Bousille, with pictures by Shawna Yarbrough.

Debut album ‘Krv’
Out April 17th on digital via Chien Noir

1. Motherless Abyss
2. Forlorn
3. Flamme Noire
4. Open Your Temple Unto Him
5. Hécatombe
6. Autarcie Spirituelle
7. Transcendence Through Death

« Among humans, some were born and raised on the fringes of mass conformism. It has always been this way, and always will be. The ancestral chi is the black flame that opens our eyes and souls and makes us realize the pointlessness of our existence, our gods, governments, institutions and heroes. All this has been created to give a purpose to an existential void that should be no less than the absolute void. A peaceful void. »   

Krv is
Nicolas Zivkovich – Vocals, Guitar and Bass
Louis Lambert – Guitars, Bass and Electronics

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