New Haven’s wicked stoner metallers BONE CHURCH share new album ‘Acid Communion’ in full ; out March 13th on Ripple Music!

Connecticut-based stoner metallers BONE CHURCH reveal their new album ‘Acid Communion’ in its glorious entirety exclusively today via Metal Assault, ahead of its official release this Friday 13th March on Ripple Music.

« Acid Communion is an undeniably strong set of tunes that would no doubt satiate the desires of any and every fan of all things heavy and psychedelic. » enthuse Metal Assault. BONE CHURCH have upgraded their songcraft since their 2017’s self-titled debut, and don’t plan to take any prisoners with the witchery-laden, and absolutely tantalizing six tracks on this new album ‘Acid Communion’. A heavy, proto-doom-infused riff feast of the finest order, driven by the quintet’s burning hooks and vocals.  

Headbang to death with ‘Acid Communion’ NOW

As ‘Acid Communion’ is an intense, proto-metal journey through a colonial era New England village, rife with the evils of witchcraft, BONE CHURCH elaborate on the topic: « My father is a mortician, and has been my whole life. Before we had our own van (the bone mobile) we were borrowing his work van for shows, which he uses to transport bodies. A literal bone mobile. The famous ghost hunters/demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren lived just 15 minutes from us. My friend once sent them a very creepy video we filmed in the notoriously haunted Union Cemetery, of a little hunched over creature running between graves. According to them it was a “druid demon.”  The priest who performed my actual communion as kid, was also a legitimate Roman Catholic Exorcist for New England. And finally, our bassist Pat Good’s ancestor was the infamous witch Sarah Good. Who was hanged during the Salem Witch Trials… I can go on forever about this stuff. Just suffice it to say we love rock N roll and everything spooky. The combination of the two is BONE CHURCH. »

BONE CHURCH ‘Acid Communion’
Out March 13th on Ripple Music

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BONE CHURCH is a heavy Rock & Roll band from New Haven, Connecticut. Formed in 2016, they’re primarily influenced by the era when rock was transforming into the earliest forms of heavy metal, but still had its feet planted in the blues. Their sonic foundation is built upon that of classic bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac and The Jimi Hendrix Experience; with elements of doom, metal, and psychedelia incorporated to complete their sound.New album ‘Acid Communion’ takes places in a colonial era New England Village. The townsfolk are being oppressed by a satanic cult, which is operating out of the local church. The songs tell little folk tales from different characters perspectives within the village. You’re invited to immerse in a heavy, blues-laden tale of sonic folklore. The record comes out on March 13th via Ripple Music.

The band explains: « Thematically, Acid Communion was inspired by the same things that inspire the band as a whole. Horror films, scary stories, the occult, religion. The same stuff that I’ve been fascinated by my whole life. On this album however, I wanted to dig even deeper to the folklore and imagery of New England. Connecticut has a very rich history of the macabre and general spookiness-for lack of a better term. Prior to the Salem witch trials, CT had the first recorded execution of an accused witch and a massive witch panic to follow. Perhaps the first “satanic panic” of the new colonies. You can see the remnants of that period all over New England still, in virtually every town. The old houses, barns, churches and rock walls are still here. I really wanted to immerse the listener in that world. The lyrics are the biggest part of that of course, but the art is key as well. There’s an incredible New England folk artist named Will Moses that paints these aerial scenes of little villages, brimming with life. His work was the main inspiration for the album’s art, but a much more sinister version. We reached out to Solo Macello for the album art and he absolutely crushed it. He essentially changed the perspective from a distant observer to a person living within the village. A witness to the insanity. The album art sets the world you want the listener to experience the songs in. »

Jack Rune – Vocals
Dan Sefcik – Guitar
Nick Firine – Guitar
Pat Good – Bass
Rock Sickinger – Drums

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