Dark jazz ritualists PLEIADEES unveil dazzling new song off eponymous EP; due out November 22nd on Subsound Records

Italian dark jazz ritualists PLEIADEES announce divine eponymous EP, due out November 22nd on Subsound Records. They share gloomy and meditative first track « How To Step Out Of Solidity And Vaporize Yourself » via New Noise Magazine. 

Explore your soul, listen to Pleiadees first single HERE

Says the band: « Pleiadees looks at the stars with its feet in the mud of life. From mud the lotus is born. From the lotus a jewel. Pleiadees music digs deep in search of forgotten jewels. It uses the methods of free rock, jazz, improvisation and transcends them all. It’s world music for these disjointed times we’re all in. » 

PLEIADEES offers a rich, ancestral and powerful synthesis of electronics, traditional sounds and jazz instruments. As a result: deep reverberations directly connected to the soul. Pleiadees raise an unearthly and syncretic beauty as The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation or The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble would.

PLEIADEES New EP Self-titled
Out November 22nd on Subsound Records


1. Here’s How to Step Out of Solidity And Vaporize Yourself
2. They Offer Platitudes, You Will Learn to Breathe Underwater
3. A Diamond Hidden in The Mouth of a Dragon

PLEIADEES is the beautiful and convenient combination of highly multi-talented artists Cristiano Calcagnile, Massimo Pupillo and Xabier Iriondo. Each musician carries his own impressive creative background. Cristiano Calcagnile is a drummer, a percussionist and a composer. He has developed his very own musical  language to gear to many different artistic contexts and to have many rich collaborations with several international artists. Bass player and composer Massimo Pupillo is known to be an active member of progressive avant-garde italian band ZU, with whom he released 15 albums. He collaborated on many art projects, from jazz or avant-garde to improvisation and noise, among dozens of world famous musicians. Xabier Iriondo is a guitar player, multi instrumentalist, producer, arranger and composer. He is the deus-ex-machina of some of the most adventurous musical projects that have been conceived in the last 20 years in Italy. He gave birth to astonishing projects such as Tasaday, A Short Apnea and Buñuel. 

PLEIADEES is Cristiano Calcagnile, Massimo Pupillo and Xabier Iriondo’s first collaboration all together. Their eponymous EP comes out November 22nd on Subsound Records.

Cristiano Calcagnile – Drums, percussion, vibraphone, nose flutes, « ancient piano » of the Conservatory « Benedetto Marcello » in Venice
Massimo Pupillo – Electric bass
Xabier Iriondo – Electric guitar, taisho koto
Guest Gabriele Mitelli – Trumpet & prepared trumpet on “How to step out of solidity and vaporize yourself”   

Cristiano Calcagnile | Massimo Pupillo | Xabier Iriondo | Subsound Records