Brace yourselves and go full-on sludge and fun with GURT's new album 'Bongs Of Praise', streaming in its entirety today!

Brace yourselves: London sludge titans GURT are premiering their butkicking third album ‘Bongs of Praise’ in its entirety today before its release this Friday on When Planets Collide.

Masterfully colliding their barbaric sludge with tons of groove and fun, ‘Bongs of Praise’ is ten crushing, weed-worshipping tracks for the sake of all riff smokers.

 Stream Gurt’s frantic ‘Bongs Of Praise’ in full right here

They take the blues and groove of 70s rock and drag it backwards through the swamps of Louisiana. The drums are thunderous, the vocals demonic and the guitars down-tuned, down-tempo and down right sexy. This is not doom, this is not sludge: this is GURT. The UK foursome’s wicked sense of humour bubbles at the surface of their latest release ‘Bongs of Praise’. ‘Bongs Of Praise’ comes out September 6th via When Planets Collide and can be preordered at this location

“Both wildly heavy and brazenly fun.”  The Obelisk 

This album has everything you want from Gurt. Brutal sounds and a wicked sense of humour
from start to finish.”
Outlaws Of The Sun 

It is time to once again bathe ourselves in the green ditchwater, light up, and die high before being rolled up all the way to hell.”Cult Of The Ibex 

Since their genesis in 2010, the band have laced up their boots and stomped over everything you thought you might have known about them and the beloved conventions of metal. GURT collide their barbaric sound with lines of funk and tongue in cheek lyricism to mould what has been hailed as “party doom”. In 2014, they unleashed their debut album ‘Horrendosaurus’ through independent label When Planets Collide, and which they promoted through a three week European tour with Dopethrone, as well returning home to a packed out audience to open Bloodstock’s second stage. Released in 2017, their sophomore album ‘Skullossus’explores darker and more menacing shades of sludge doom. Through a theatrical performance, their sound swelled in size as they toyed with their repertoire; adding rip-roaring, guttural vocals, psychedelic rhythms and classic rock’n’roll-worshipping riffs. On top of their two full-lengths and seven EPs, GURT have been relentlessly touring the UK and Europe, sharing the stage with the likes of Weedeater, Red Fang, Eyehategod, Black Tusk, Valient Thorr, Cough. In their own right way, they have cast their hypnotic savagery to the crowds of Bloodstock, Desertfest, Riffolution (UK) as well as Stonerhead (Salzburg) and 2019’s Monospace Fest (Paris)

GURT are:
Gareth Kelly – Vocals
Bill Jacobs – Drums
David Blakemore – Bass
Rich Williams – Guitar