Progressive psych adventurers PELEGRIN share new track off debut album "Al-Mahruqa", due out September 13th.

Paris psychedelic rock prodigies PELEGRIN invite you to a long-haul journey to the East with their sumptuous debut album « Al-Mahruqa », out September 13th. The band unveils new song « Farewell » today courtesy of Outlaws Of The Sun.

« Al-Mahruqa is not like most psych rock/stoner rock albums. As Pelegrin play an almost avant-garde style of stoner rock that fuses Middle Eastern noises with progressive and cinematic space rock sounds. The album takes many creative risks (…) PELEGRIN are always thinking outside of the box and are always five steps ahead of the listener, planning and preparing where to take this spooky as hell album next. » Outlaws Of The Sun describes.

Today, PELEGRIN unveil ‘Farewell’, the album’s mesmerizing second track. As the muezzin’s call fades away and sirocco winds rise, the listener dives further into this dense musical universe… A rollercoaster song that is at times melancholic, ominous, fragile, or downright downright epic.

Travel sonically with « Farewell » at this location

The road to “Al-Mahruqa” was long and winding, covering almost five years. The creation of its followup should be a smoother affair… And PELEGRIN is already hard at work on it. Where the three friends are the most comfortable: in their own bubble, away from stages. Where ideas fly, sweet smoke rises, and stories are written. « Al-Mahruqa » was recorded and mixed by François Roze. It was mastered by Kent Stump (Wo Fat) at Crystal Clear Sound. The artwork was designed by Hadrien Virima.

PELEGRIN Debut album « Al-Mahruqa »
Out September 13th on digital via Bandcamp
Also listen to opening track « Majoun » here

1. Majoun
2. Farewell
3. The Coldest Night
4. Dying Light
5. Al-Mahruqa

The bazaar crowd hails, haggles, ruffles. Life at its most, screeching and hustling. Gradually, the ruckus fades away. In the vacuum that’s created, a bass roars, answers its own call. A guitar string vibrates endlessly. The note hangs on ominously, then slips up. Percussions soar and the engine starts running… The listener’s fate is sealed. No turning back: he is bound for a 42 minutes-long sonic tale. He will follow the footsteps of an ailing war veteran, from the bazaar of Tangier to a millenary temple, carved into the rock at the very end of a desert valley: Al-Mahruqa. 

On the way, the listener will encounter mesmerizing ambiances. Melodies soaked with eastern influences. Rock-solid riffs. Unsettling songs, always on the move. References, wink, nods? Of course. But no obvious comparison will jump to mind. If the power trio PELEGRIN (“pilgrim” in ancient French) roams the lands of stoner, prog and heavy psych, it is with the intention of making a few steps into the unknown. What drove the trio is the will to play the music that they would have liked to hear. To fill a tiny space that seemed vacant in the ever-expanding galaxy of distorted music.

François Roze – guitar, vocals
Jason Recoing – bass
Antoine Ebel – drums, percussions

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