Stoner rockers OREYEON unleash album details + track premiere ; 'Ode To Oblivion' coming March 2019 on Heavy Psych Sounds.

Italian stoner rock unit OREYEON unveil all details for their blazing sophomore record ‘Ode To Oblivion’, coming March 15th on Heavy Psych Sounds Records. A new track is also premiering right now on Outlaws Of The Sun!

Formed in 2014 by members of such as Woodwall, Mexican Mud or Army of Angry Youth, OREYEONmade a first impression on the heavy rock scene with their debut ‘Builders of Cosmos’ released back in 2016. The band find their roots in the early days of Black Sabbath, with hints of metal and classic stoner rock such as the likes of Texas heavyweights The Sword. Monolithic guitars, huge bass frequencies, melodic and complex vocals, OREYEON know how to please every stoner rock ear!


Get your ears on OREYEON’s new song ‘Trudging to Vacuity’ HERE


On ‘Ode To Oblivion’ (their debut on Heavy Psych Sounds), OREYEON try to move away from the usual stoner rock clichés and get into a more elaborate and melodic style. The vocal structures and harmonizations are definitely more complex and melody-laden, while the music drifts towards a heavier path. « Trudging to vacuity is the most nihilist song of the entire album. It’s about the existence’s paradoxical passing of time in an ephemeral period of time in which the process of the end begins. We are born from vacuity and we will end up in vacuity. Musically the song is built on old grindcore riffs that were reshaped into slow and doom atmospheres. » says the band.
The album will be available in:
– 25 test press
– 250 transparent background splatter red / pink fluo / blue / black vinyl
– 500 green fluo vinyl
– Black vinyl
– Digipak (6 panels) and digital

OREYEON « Ode To Oblivion »
Out March 15th on Heavy Psych Sounds
Preorder available at this location

1. T.I.O.
2. Trudging to Vacuity
3. Ode to Oblivion
4. Big Surprise
5. The Ones
6. Starship Pusher

OREYEON’S new album Ode To Oblivion’ comes after two years of experimental sessions in their little recording studio nastled between the sea and the mountains of the north west of Italy. The record crosses transversely all member’s musical influences and takes shape leaving behind and definitely going beyond the rules that mostly describe the classical stoner rock genre. An unsettling travel through a microcosm full of colours, while black shapes lead the traveller into a spiral of nihilistic lyrics and monolithic riffs at the same time. A pinch of 90’s vocals legacy rounds off the perfect gloominess to a stunning record and heavy trip, that crowns from a long period of rehearsals playing and jamming over all sorts of musical borders.

Richard Silvaggio – Bass/Vocals
Andrea Ricci – Guitar
Matteo Signanini – Guitar
Pietro Virgilio – Drums
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