Experimental doom unit MESSA debut « Leah » video on Cvlt Nation; « Feast For Water » out April 6th on Aural Music.

Not your typical doom video nor your typical doom band! Get mesmerized by MESSA‘s new video « Leah », which is being premiered via Cvlt Nation today. The Italian’s dark, experimental and soulful new effort « Feast For Water » will be available April 6th on Aural Music.

This first excerpt off MESSA‘s sophomore album « Feast For Water » showcases water as the central element of the Italian quartet’s album concept. Sophisticated, intriguing and spine-chilling, the 8-minute long video directed by Laura Sans is an invitation to enter the band’s mystical and ethereal world of darkness. With the introduction of Rhodes piano as a thread for the Italian’s sound shift, « Leah » stands out of the contemporary doom offerings, making MESSA one of the bands to keep an eye for 2018.

Watch Messa’s new video « Leah » via Cvlt Nation

MESSA play evoking doom metal with a dark jazz twist. Deliciously haunting female vocals, Rhodes piano and 70’s fuzz guitars combine to conjure a sound that is all of their own. With influences as diverse as Windhand, Bohren Und Der Club Of Gore, The Devil’s Blood, Jex Thoth, Angelo Badalamenti, Bellwitch, Urfaust, John Coltrane and Aluk Todolo, the band has moved from the droning occult doom of their first LP ‘Belfry’ to a new, darker and more atmospheric approach clearly showcased in their new record ‘Feast for Water’, a concept album centered on the introspective, symbolic and ritual features of the liquid element.

MESSA – New album « Feast For Water »
Out April 6th on Aural Music – Preorder

1. Naunet
2. Snakeskin Drape
3. Leah
4. The Seer
5. She Knows
6. Tulsi
7. White Stains
8. Da Tariki Tariquat
MESSA emerged on the first day of 2014. Marco and Sara started to develop the basic concept while writing the first songs. Later on, Alberto and Rocco joined the band. The extreme diversity of their musical background immediately proved to be essential in the construction of the band’s sound. In 2016, Messa signed a deal with Aural Music and subsequently released their first opus, ‘Belfry’, which was brought on tour extensively across Europe and USA. A flexy disc and a Picture 7’’ were released before the band got to work on their second album titled ‘Feast for Water’, a mind blowing Dark Jazz Doom ritual drenched in Occult Blues from hell.
Marco – Guitar, Bass, Ambient
Sara – Voice
Rocco – Drums, Screams
Alberto – Lead Guitar, Rhodes piano