Heavy psychedelic rock trio PELEGRIN premieres new album « Ways Of Avicenna »; out tomorrow on streaming platforms.

French psychedelic and progressive rock trio PELEGRIN team up with Heavy Blog Is Heavy to premiere their sophomore album « Ways Of Avicenna », ahead of its digital release this Friday 17th February. 

« Pelegrin play the kind of tripped out, psychedelic, and massive stoner music and they do it all with an irresistible degree of class, subtlety, and, most importantly, heaps of passion. » – Heavy Blog Is Heavy

Listen to Pelegrin’s new album « Ways of Avicenna« 

Following on from their dreamy 2019 debut « Al-Maruhqa », the French trio pursue their quest for sonic exoticism on their new 6-tracker « Ways Of Avicenna ». Through theirprogressive, melodic and evocative songcraftbrimming with Middle-Eastern influences, PELEGRIN once again conjures up the power of traveling while bringing up themes such as the search for wisdom, religious wars, and intolerance towards refugees. The story takes place during the Spanish Reconquista of the 15th century: a young student of a Koranic school is entrusted with a mystical text from Persian philosopher and physician Avicenna to save it from being destroyed by the Spaniards. « Ways Of Avicenna » is mind-expanding rock odyssey that should please fans of Pink Floyd, My Sleeping Karma, Elder or Naxatras.

New album « Ways Of Avicenna »
Out February 17th on Bandcamp and streaming services

 “The songs are huge pieces of work, forever shifting with moments of ethereal beauty, bitter angst, overwhelming cheer and undying optimism”… It’s hard to beat the UK website Astral Noize when it comes to describing the music of French three-piece PELEGRIN (“pilgrim” in old French). One could bring up names such as Elder, OM or Pink Floyd, but that would be in vain. Indeed, when the band roams the lands of stoner, prog and heavy psych, it is with the intention of making a few steps into the unknown. What drives François (guitar/vocals/production), Jason (bass) and Antoine (drums) is the will to play the music that they would like to hear. To fill a tiny space that seemed vacant in the ever-expanding galaxy of distorted music.

Though they stand separated by a few hundred kilometers across France, the three friends are united by a confirmed taste for mesmerizing ambiance. For melodies soaked with eastern influences. For rock-solid riffs. And for unsettling songs, always on the move. PELEGRIN charted this new path with its first album “Al-Maruhqa” (2019), and is now prolonging it with its successor “Ways of Avicenna”. Two releases built with a do-it-yourself approach, home-recorded and arranged thanks to François’ talent and patience. The trio found its comfort zone in long songwriting hours, with the freedom to play, replay, throw away and start over. Having never set foot on a musical stage, the trio remains a well-kept secret. After 8 years of creating in a bubble, they will step into the light in 2023, with the first live shows planned in France and possibly Europe.


François Roze – guitar, vocals
Jason Recoing – bass
Antoine Ebel – drums, percussions

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