Canadian psychedelic doom trio HAIL THE VOID unleash « Talking To The Dead » video; new album out February 17th on Ripple Music.

British Columbia-based doom and heavy psych trio HAIL THE VOID team up with Metal Injection to premiere their suspenseful new video for « Talking To The Dead » today! Their sophomore album « Memento Mori » is due out February 17th on Ripple Music as part of Blasko’s special curated series. 

« With a morbid music video directed by Chase Fraser and Kirin Gudmundson, « Talking To The Dead » is going to drag you down into the dark abyss… and then probably hand you a joint. » – Metal Injection

 was handpicked by Ozzy Osbourne’s bassist Rob Blasko as part of his special collaboration with Ripple Music. Their new album and Ripple Music debut is even more ambitious than their critically acclaimed self-titled debut: evolving from a colossal and thunderous doom beast to a lysergic and spellbinding rock marvel reminiscent of the likes of Pink Floyd and King Crimson, « Memento Mori » is a rich 8-track brimming with finely chiseled riffs, powerful build-ups and ardent vocals from frontman Kirin Gudmundson. A multi-dimensional record that should captivate fans of doom metal, classic rock and heavy psychedelia all at once!

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About « Talking To The Dead », the band says: “Talking to the Dead is a project that examines humanity’s knowledge of the inevitable and fear of the unknown, and our oftentimes inability to cope with these ideas. This song, together with the rest of Memento Mori, creates a conceptual experience regarding our mortality and the different ways we might perceive it.”  « Memento Mori » will be released in various vinyl editions, CD and digital on February 17th, 2023, with preorders available now on Ripple Music. 
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HAIL THE VOID « Memento Mori »
Out February 17th on Ripple Music

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Emerging from the dense woodlands of British Columbia, Canada, HAIL THE VOID have made their presence known within the underground stoner metal scene in the form of their self-titled debut album, which reached #4 on the Doom Charts for June 2020, and won them the “Best Debut Album” Doomie Award at the first annual Doomed and Stoned Awards. The band consists of Kirin Gudmundson (Vocals/Guitar), Dean Gustin (Bass), and Curtis Bennet (Drums). All three members bring their own contributions and influences to the heavy psychedelic doom metal sound HAIL THE VOID is known for. 

Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko, who signed the band to Ripple Music under his exclusive partnership with the label, comments: « Hail the Void released one of strongest debuts I have ever heard. The lead single ‘Parasite’ was one of my most listened-to songs of the year. I am beyond excited to work with these dudes on their sophomore release. Expect big moves from Hail the Void in the coming years! » « Memento Mori » will be released in various vinyl editions, CD and digital on February 17th, 2023. Artwork by Welder Wings. 

Kirin Gudmundson — Guitar & Vocals
Dean Gustin — Bass
Curtis Bennet — Drums