US doom collective HIGH TONE SON OF A BITCH shares « Tribute » video; ‘Live At The Hallowed Halls’ out September 9 on Ripple Music.

Oakland-based doom collective HIGH TONE SON OF A BITCH (with members of Kalas, Melvins, Noothgrush, Hawkwind, Acid King…) share their brand new single and video for « Tribute ». Their « Live at the Hallowed Halls » album will be available on September 9th through Ripple Music, with special guest appearances from Matt Pike (Sleep, High On Fire), Rob Wrong (The Skull) and Andrea Vidal (Holy Grove)

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‘Live at The Hallowed Halls’is a thrilling live-in-the-studio instant classic created under crazy circumstances and featuring standout performances from some of the brightest lights in today’s heavy music. HTSOB is Paul Kott (Kalas), Billy Anderson (ex-Melvins), Russ Kent (Noothgrush, Alaric) and Eric Rancourt (Eastern Spell), plus Bryce Shelton (Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, Acid King) on keys and Jake Navarra (Phantom Hound) on lead guitar. The album features guest appearances from Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire), Rob Wrong (Witch Mountain, The Skull) and Andrea Vidal (Holy Grove). 
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« Live at The Hallowed Halls »
Out September 9th on Ripple Music

Originally formed by brothers Paul and Andrew Kott from the ashes of Oakland prog/doom sludge masters Cruevo, and both preceding and coinciding with Paul’s work in Bay Area metal « supergroup » Kalas, High Tone Son of a Bitch (HTSOB) is a « supergroup » unto itself. Since its founding, HTSOB has pulled together members and collaborators from bands like Noothgrush, Kalas, Hammers of Misfortune, Men of Porn, Melvins, Hawkwind, Acid King, Neurosis, High on Fire, Sleep, Necrot, The Skull, Holy Grove, Phantom Hound, Worshipper and more. When Andrew Kott died unexpectedly in a tragic fall in 2007, HTSOB disbanded, seemingly for good. Paul Kott revived the band at the urging of his Latin Grammy-winning nephew Juan Herrera (Andrew’s step-son) in 2019. Paul has been joined by a core group that includes original member Russ Kent (Noothgrush, Alaric) on vocals and original producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, Men of Porn) on bass.

Many friends and collaborators have joined this core group to allow Paul’s brother’s inspiration to live on, including Dave Edwardson (Neurosis), Sunny Reinhardt (Saviours, Necrot), Matt Pike (Sleep, High on Fire), Bryce Shelton (Nik Turner’s Hawkwind, Acid King), Rob Wrong (The Skull, Witch Mountain), John Brookhouse (Worshipper), and more. The psychedelic hard rock and post-doom vision of HTSOB has kept moving forward while remaining uncompromisingly true to the musical roots the brothers established years ago. Critically heralded as a band that « sits atop the pinnacle of not just psychedelic music, but of musicianship across every spectrum” (Metal Observer), High Tone Son of a Bitch transcends not only genre archetype but death itself, to weave an essential portrait of the dualistic nature of our lives.

HTSOB lineup on ‘Live At The Hallowed Halls’:
Russ Kent – Vocals
Paul Kott – Guitars
Jake Navarra – Guitars
Billy Anderson – Bass
Bryce Shelton – Keyboards
Eric Rancourt – Drums

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