Californian hard rocker THADEUS GONZALEZ shares new video « Lightning Hits The Land »; spring UK tour announced!

Californian hard/alternative rock artist THADEUS GONZALEZ presents a striking new video for « Lightning Hits the Land » just as the Oakland rocker is gearing up for his spring UK tour, to kick off this May 27th. 

About the track, Thadeus says: « I wrote the song, ‘Lightning Hits The Land’ about touring and the excitement from performing at new clubs and familiar venues. Being out on the road becomes more and more fun as the tours roll on. Living out of a van and motels really bottles up the lightning and when we get on that stage it feels like lightning striking down.« 

Watch new video « Lightning Hits The Land« 

THADEUS GONZALEZ is a singer, songwriter, and musician also known for formerly fronting the internationally acclaimed rock band Electric Sister. Since he launched his solo career in 2014, he has released two albums (‘Utopian Society’ and ‘Silver Inside’) and opened for Kiss, Motley Crue, Slash, as well as Bon Jovi in the US. His third studio album ‘Opposite Faces’ weaves together loud and razor-edged riffing, a straightforward attitude, alongside an alt-punk flare and a gift for singalong-ready hooks. ‘Opposite Faces’ is available now on Rebel Waves Records.

Thadeus Gonzalez UK tour 2022:
May 27 @ Night Train, Bradford
May 28 @ Wharf Chambers, Leeds
May 29 @ West Street Live, Sheffield
May 30 @ Salty Dog, Northwich
June 2 @ Subside Bar, Birmingham
June 3 @ Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch
June 4 @ The Lincoln Imp, Scunthorpe

Oakland-based singer/songwriter THADEUS GONZALEZ has fronted several bands within the Bay Area, among which Electric Sister. In 2010, he started opening various high-profile gigs throughout the west coast and achieving commendable radio and video play before pursuing a solo career as Thadeus Gonzalez in 2014. A credible songwriter and guitar player, Thadeus released his debut solo record ‘Utopian Society’ in 2014. 

In 2017, THADEUS GONZALEZ was signed to Spectra Music Group and his second solo record, ‘Silver Inside’, was released in January 2018. The first single and title track has enjoyed a phenomenal amount of attention with national radio and video play. ‘Silver Inside’ featured Dennis Hill and Thadeus on guitars, Scott Richards on bass and Nathan Walker on drums. Dennis Hill once again produced and Kyle Homme recorded and mixed the record at The Lodge. The Californian artist then signed to Rebel Waves Records for the release of his third studio album ‘Opposite Faces’ in the summer of 2021.