US stoner blues trio GEEZER releases trippy new video « Logan’s Run »; new album out next week on Heavy Psych Sounds Records.

Kingston, New York’s stoner blues giants GEEZER premiere their new video « Logan’s Run » today on Metal Injection. The band will release their sixth album ‘Stoned Blues Machine’ on May 20th through Heavy Psych Sounds. 

About the song, GEEZER comments: « Logan’s Run is a dystopian future movie from the ’70s that had the perfect combination of campiness, women without bras and bad special effects that made it a must-see whenever it came on Saturday afternoon TV when we were kids, » said the band. « We threw some Sabbath swing on top and combined it with a special blend of stoney riffs and dank grooves to help bring us back to those glory days of bad TV and badass music. Drink from the Goblet of Rock and run away with us! »

Watch new video « Logan’s Run » on Metal Injection

GEEZER is a rare band that finds its sound so engagingly, and with their sixth long-player ‘Stoned Blues Machine’, they once again build on their accomplishments, working with producer Chris Bittner at Applehead Recording in Woodstock, NY, to harness their most expansive production to date. A vivid and bombastic album, ‘Stoned Blues Machine’ is the band’s response to the last few tumultuous years. Much of the subject matter deals with the fear, the literal and metaphorical isolation revolving around the pandemic, the resulting political turmoil, the disintegration of truth and decline of a shared, common good. ‘Stoned Blues Machine’ will be issued worldwide on May 20th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

New album ‘Stoned Blues Machine’
Out May 20th on Heavy Psych Sounds 

A decade beyond their formation, GEEZER has become a staple presence of the US heavy underground. From their 2013 debut, the Kingston, NY trio have progressed into and through open-spaced jams and memorable hooks offering glimpses at their growth across records like 2014’s ‘Gage’ 2016’s self-titled and 2017’s ‘Psychoriffadelia’, founding guitarist/vocalist Pat Harrington has led the band on a thrilling journey of altered consciousness and downright boogie.

Amid the grim existence of 2020,they unleashed ‘Groovy’, their most vital release yet, pulling together what Harrington calls the “three pillars of Geezer: heavy trippy groovy” with a batch of memorable songs and easy-rolling vibes. It’s a rare band that finds its sound so engagingly and with the new album ‘Stoned Blues Machine’, they once again build on their accomplishments working with producer Chris Bittner at Applehead Recording in Woodstock NY to harness the band’s most expansive production to date.

The album that will see them return to Europe for the first time since 2017 and serve as their second release for Heavy Psych Sounds is yet another example of what can be done with classic songwriting in imaginative hands. ‘Stoned Blues Machine’ puts the emphasis on the band’s dynamic and the joy of playing and writing songs together – more as a unit than ever – and shows that even amid some of the darkest hours, you can always say screw it, go get high and cruise the cosmos. 

Pat Harrington – Guitar & Vocals
Richie Touseull – Bass
Steve Markota – Drums & Percussion
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