END OF AGE presents new track off split with Gypsy Chief Goliath; out January 20th on Ripple Music

Pennsylvannia-based proto-metallers END OF AGE release their new track « Cat’s Blood », as part of their split album with Canadian heavy rockers Gypsy Chief Goliath, due out on January 20th through Ripple Music. 

Says vocalist and guitarist Ben McGuire: « The lyrics to “Cats Blood” were written after I witnessed an attempted murder a few years ago. The aggressor in the situation had an emotionless robot-like demeanor and inspired the “sentient android” theme that recurs lyrically on our half of the split.« 

Listen to End Of Age’s new track « Cat’s Blood« 
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This is the seventh chapter of Ripple Music’s thematic split releases ‘Turned To Stone’ series. Combining the multi-faceted talents of Ontario-based heavy mongers Gypsy Chief Goliath and Pennsylvania’s proto-metal duo End Of Age, ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 7’ offers a generous 10-track journey through the ages of heavy. Gypsy Chief Goliath effortlessly sprinkle their loud stoner metal assaults with adventurous 70s hard rock, in a rowdy Corrosion Of Conformity-meets-Thin Lizzy approach. On side B, End Of Age delivers a frenzy of 70s-infused heavy drenched in unforgettable melodies and exquisitely progressive at times.

‘Turned To Stone Chapter 7’ will be available on January 20th in two limited vinyl editions as well as on digital, with preorders available now through Ripple Music. Listen to Gypsy Chief Goliath’s track « Demons Suffer« !

Gypsy Chief Goliath / End Of Age ‘Turned To Stone Chapter 7’
Out January 20th on Ripple Music // 
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1. Gypsy Chief Goliath – Loup Garou
2. Gypsy Chief Goliath – Demons Suffer
3. Gypsy Chief Goliath – High Priest
4. Gypsy Chief Goliath – Black Dwarf
5 – Gypsy Chief Goliath – Shadows Of A Solar Love
6. End Of Age – Want To Go
7. End Of Age – Yelling Tree
8. End Of Age – Cat’s Blood
9. End Of Age – Dormant Hibernation
10. End Of Age – Aestivation

Among the most bizarre names in Rock & Roll, GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH has much more dynamic chemistry, fused with pure electric potency and enough volume to make the eardrums crumble. This Canadian five-piece has been ripping stages apart since 2009. Often described as a stoner metal band, there are simply too many layers to classify them as such, when with each year that passes, G.C.G seem to evolve into a greater beast than the last inception. Charged by the creative forces of soulful meets primal vocals, dual harmony guitar lines, a massively heavy rhythm section, and rustic keys from time to time, the band showcases their brand of hard rock, heavy metal, and blues all rolled into one masterful delivery. Fronted by Canadian stoner rock notable, vocalist/guitarist AL The Yeti Bones (The Mighty Nimbus, Georgian Skull, Mister Bones), the band also consists of Adam Saitti on drums (Georgian Skull, Ol Time Moonshine), John Serio lead guitar, Jeff Phillips lead guitar (Thine Eyes Bleed, Kittie) and Jagger Benham on Bass. FacebookBandcampInstagramSpotify

END OF AGE was formed by vocalist/guitarist Ben McGuire and drummer Mark Hanna formerly of the band Black Cowgirl. Soon after Black Cowgirl ceased to exist in 2015, McGuire began construction of a recording studio within a 150-year-old barn in Lancaster County Pennsylvania with the sole purpose of having a place to record without the time constraints of a traditionally paid studio session. Unfortunately on the first day of renovations the barn was discovered to be structurally unsound and needed to be entirely torn down. Distraught and defeated McGuire briefly considered using gasoline to solve the problem after finding a newspaper article dated 1885 under the floorboards that detailed a local arson from 130 years prior but wisely ignored the “sign” and decided against it making the decision to disassemble the cursed barn and immediately start the slow process of collecting material to build a new structure. The pair recorded 5 songs for Ripple Music with a makeshift studio set up in 2020 during lockdown as construction continued on the permanent location. Finally, to the elation of Hanna and McGuire the final studio they are calling Wilderness Exile was completed in early 2022. What first appeared to be a crippling misfortune proved to be a blessing in disguise. Now that their fortress of sonic excess has been realized auditory experimentation can begin. FacebookBandcampInstagram