Swedish progressive metal warlords EASTERN HIGH premiere new video « Emperor » via Decibel Magazine; new album ‘HALO’ coming out July 30th!

Sweden’s fast-rising progressive melodic metal unit EASTERN HIGH teamed up with Decibel Magazine to present the first single and video taken from their upcoming sophomore album ‘HALO’, due out July 30th. Embrace the beauty of the North and watch « Emperor » now!

« Have you ever ached for a band that took the progressive and thoughtful sound of Porcupine Tree and Draconian Times-era Paradise Lost, but blended it with the heft and drive of metalcore and modern Swedish metal? Your search ends today. » — Decibel Magazine

With the Svensson brothers laying the foundation of EASTERN HIGH‘s highly modern and melodic songwriting, the Malmö quintet deliver a punchy and finely produced statement of intent with their sophomore album ‘HALO’. Melding staggering stadium-ready hooks with a death metal-tinged boldness wrapped in Ola Svensson’s deep-toned and Viking-like vocal incantations, their songs showcase an unwaveringly progressive approach reminiscent of bands such as Gojira, Tool and Opeth. Their revered 2017 debut ‘Garden of Heathens’ helped the band gather a solid fanbase, with lead single « Bottled Insanity » reaching over 600k Spotify streams and each of their videos resulting in instant appreciation from metal fans across the globe. 

? Watch new video « Emperor » on Decibel Magazine ?

EASTERN HIGH comment: »Since our debut album released back in 2017, our main focus was to make this two-man project a five-man band, which we achieved in 2019. After the recording sessions last summer, we sent the tracks to Erik at Tone Tension Productions for mixing. In the meantime, we filmed the videos for the ‘Emperor’ and ‘Morning Star’, which was an adventure of cold wind, rain, and some drama when one of our drones vanished into the sea with tons of good film material. Not a happy moment after days of work. In the end, everything turned out great and we are now very excited to release this album. »

New album ‘HALO’ was mixed and produced by Erik Wiss at Tone Tension Productions, mastered by Thomas Johansson at The Panic Room. The artwork was designed by Christian Wallin. It will be issued on vinyl, CD, and digital on July 30th, with preorder coming soon.

Out July 30th on vinyl, CD and digital (S/R)

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1. Erosion of Hearts
2. Emperor
3. Notorious Enemy
4. Journey
5. Morning Star
6. Dystopia
7. Halo
8. Ashes to Ashes

EASTERN HIGH was founded in the Øresund harbor of Malmö in Sweden, by brothers Ola and Johan Svensson. Both were previously members of local thrash metal fame Wasted Shells, a band revered in the Swedish underground metal scene, which split up in 2015. Eastern High emerged as a new vessel for the brothers’ more progressive approach in songwriting. 

Their self-released debut album ‘Garden of Heathens’ was released in July 2017, gaining recognition from international critics and metal fans alike, and seeing a steady increase in streaming through various notable video releases from the band. Ola and Johan then decided to continue further and turn this project into a full-scale band, with Fredrik Rosdahl, Niklas Cvetkovski, and Christian Lindström completing the lineup. EASTERN HIGH played their first live show in the summer of 2019, quickly followed by several gigs and tours… until the pandemic put the world to a halt. The quintet focused on writing and recording their sophomore full-length ‘HALO’, which will be released on July 30th, 2021 on vinyl, CD and digital.  

Ola Svensson — Vocals
Johan Svensson — Guitar
Niklas Cvetkovski — Guitar
Fredrik Rosdahl — Bass
Christian Lindström — Drums