L.A. psych-sludge trio MOUNTAIN TAMER share nihilistic and acid-fueled « Psychosis Ritual » album in full; out this Friday on Heavy Psych Sounds!

L.A.-based nihilistic and acid-fueled sludge trio MOUNTAIN TAMER are ready to unleash their brand new album « Psychosis Ritual » to the world’s ears this Friday on Heavy Psych Sounds, and premiere it exclusively on Invisible Oranges! 

An album that plays on the dark part of your psyche.” — Powerplay Magazine
Mountain Tamer have committed to vinyl their frustrations, anger and feelings in these songs and they more than deserve your attention.” — The Sleeping Shaman

« It’s noisy, groovy rock, drenched in reverb and a lot more anger than the slow pace might imply, but when the album gets weird — and it does, so very often — things go off the rails. Psychosis Ritual is powered by a tide of overwhelming momentum that ambushes and traps your mind within its swirling walls. »Psychosis Ritual doesn’t sound how it looks, and that’s just fine. This is heavy music at its most mind-altering, far beyond the normal fare and thus exceptional — no album cover could hope to convey that anyway. » describe Invisible Oranges.

Rebel up with Mountain Tamer’s « Psychosis Ritual » RIGHT NOW

Following their highly acclaimed 2018’s ‘Godfortune // Dark Matters’ and support shows for Fatso Jetson, Weedeater and Dead Meadow, MOUNTAIN TAMERquickly took the West Coast underground heavy scene by storm. Their upcoming new album ‘Psychosis Ritual’ is the sum of the trio’s first decade of exploration into the psychedelic arts, taking us on a journey through the occult rhythms and tones of worlds forgotten. Each track is a new chapter of Mountain Tamer riffing their way into uncharted territory. Watch the band sell the world and set it on fire with their latest video for « Scorched Earth« .

On new album ‘Psychosis Ritual’, each track is a new chapter of the L.A. psych/sludge trio riffing its way into uncharted territory, offering an astonishing blend of lysergic freakouts, incisive Melvins-like chunk and a sleazy ‘straight from the back alley’ grunge feel that makes them stand out from their smoke-addicted peers.

MOUNTAIN TAMER « Psychosis Ritual » 
Out September 25th on Heavy Psych Sounds

MOUNTAIN TAMER takes the expansive vision of pure psychedelia and pares it down through the brooding and focused lens of doom and stoner rock. Guitarist/vocalist Andrew Hall, drummer Casey Garcia and bassist Dave Teget, formed their signature fusion of heavy psych rock in 2011 just outside of San Francisco. Now based in Los Angeles, MOUNTAIN TAMER’s cult following is built on their DIY ethics, inimitable songwriting, and in your face live performances. After self-releasing several demos, the band released their s/t debut album in 2016 on Argonauta Records. The band toured heavily following the release, playing with notable acts along the way such as Fatso Jetson, Weedeater and Dead Meadow.

In 2018, MOUNTAIN TAMER teamed with Magnetic Eye and Nasoni Records to release their sophomore album, Godfortune // Dark Matters to critical acclaim for its unique approach and genre bending aesthetics. The band rode this success to a full US tour and appearances at SXSW in 2019. This Fall will see them to release their strongest and most heavy psych album to date, Psychosis Ritual, which without a doubt will end on several Best of 2020 lists.

Andrew Hall – Guitar/Vocals
Casey Garcia – Drums
Dave Teget – Bass

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