BRANT BJORK share groovy third single taken from upcoming solo album « Brant Bjork »; out May 29th on Heavy Psych Sounds.

BRANT BJORK delivers more grooves and soul with his rocking new single « Cleaning Out The Ashtray », streaming exclusively via The Obelisk today. His upcoming self-titled album « Brant Bjork » is due out May 29th on Heavy Psych Sounds. 

« It’s a perfect time to get high and listen to some groovy music with good vibes. So, Clean out the ashtray, roll up a joint and check out this new track.” says the desert rock godfather.

BRANT BJORK, the legendary California-based singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and founding member of Kyuss, will release his thirteenth studio album, the self-titled ‘Brant Bjork’, on April 10 via Heavy Psych Sounds Records. The eponymously titled effort was recorded with Yosef Sanborn in Joshua Tree, CA and mastered by John McBain (Monster Magnet, Queens of the Stone Age). Bjork performed all instrumentation and vocals on the new album, stripping his unmistakable songwriting style to its core while bringing out the organic vibe that’s made him desert rock’s most crucial practitioner.

Stream « Cleaning Out The Ashtray » here

Revisiting his 1999 debut « Jalamanta » for a Heavy Psych Sounds 20th anniversary reissue last year had some effect on Bjork’s mindset in terms of working solo, but he’s come too far in the ensuing decades to repeat himself, and the songs on « Brant Bjork » – recorded and mixed by Yosef Sanborn in Joshua Tree and mastered by John McBain (ex-Monster Magnet) – are showcasing that in perfection. There’s no mistaking BRANT BJORK, and on this new album, he strips his songwriting style to its core and brings out the organic vibe that’s made him desert rock’s most crucial practitioner.

New album « Brant Bjork »
Out May 29th (CD and vinyl) and May 8th (digital)
on Heavy Psych Sounds – 

Unique creativity and years of hard touring have positioned Brant Bjork as an ambassador for the Southern California desert and the musical movement birthed there in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s. As underground interest has surged in recent years, Bjork has been a pivotal figurehead, realigning with his former Kyuss band mates to drum and write in Kyuss Lives! / Vista Chino, celebrating and building on that legacy while giving a new generation of fans the chance to see it happen in real-time. Bjork’s crucial solo works have always been about freedom through rock and roll, attained by the truest representation of the person and the place as art. This, along with a whole lot of groove, is what has helped Brant Bjork define desert rock as a worldwide phenomenon, and whatever comes next, it is what will continue to make him its most indispensable practitioner. 

Heavy Psych Sounds have also announced to re-issue Bjork’s timeless classics, « Punk Rock Guilt » and « Gods & Goddesses », in April 2020. Get this finest selection of BRANT BJORK’s masterpieces, re-mastered and coming with brand new artworks HERE!

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